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Solutions to electrify your fleet

Interested in our TMC EV Rates?

TMC can help to give you the full picture and take the uncertainty out of going electric with our real world data-driven solutions.

Perhaps you are keen to electrify your fleet but unsure where to start? Maybe you have electric vehicles within your fleet but are unclear as to how effective they can potentially be?

We can you help you implement a fair reimbursement rate to cover your employees’ home charging and support you in introducing the right charge card solution for your business, taking into account cost, convenience and network.

We continue to support with analysis once electric vehicles are deployed to measure their impact and identify where else electric vehicles could be used successfully.

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Interested in how TMC can support the management of your electric vehicles?

Learn how TMC have developed various solutions which are continuing to help the electrification process and the ongoing management of fleets.

Download our popular EV Reimbursement Guide

Our Solutions: Electric Vehicles


Using our app, we look at your fleet’s trip data to see where electric vehicles could work effectively.  No hardware required!


We provide ongoing analysis to ensure the electric vehicles you are running remain cost effective and efficient and identify where else EVs would benefit your fleet.


Our market leading system can provide you with the correct reimbursement method for each driver profile, be it AER, actual cost or TMC EV Rates!

Charge Cards

We work with fuel and electric charge card providers to offer an all round solution for the payment of public charging whilst on the road.

Home Energy Reimbursement

We’re one of Europe’s leaders in fuel and EV management and key to our recent success is our ability to reimburse electric vehicle users at actual cost.

TMC have the capability to reimburse home energy costs direct to employee’s energy supplier. Learn more about Utility+

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Electric van

Electric Vehicle Charging

We can help with charging too – in terms of both domestic charging reimbursement and public charging.  We take in domestic charging data and reimburse employees for business mileage using the preferred method.

We can help with the payment of public charging on the electric highway via our pay and reclaim and charge card solutions.