Electric Vehicles

Are you keen to electrify your fleet but unsure where to start?  Or do you have electric vehicles within your fleet but are unclear as to how effective they are?

TMC can help!

Our real world data-driven solutions give you the full picture to take the uncertainty out of going electric.

EV Guide

Electric Vehicle Fuel Rates – a TMC guide shows how fleets using EVs, hybrids and PHEVs can calculate business mileage reimbursement rates.


Our Solutions


Using our app, we look at your fleet’s trip data to see where electric vehicles could work effectively.  No hardware required!

Usage Analysis

We provide ongoing analysis via dashboards to ensure the electric vehicles you are running remain cost effective and efficient, and to identify where else EVs would benefit your fleet.


Our chargecard, in association with HSBC, is accepted at 75% of charging stations in the UK.  Our market leading system enables employees to claim back their domestic energy costs for business trips and we can take in charging data from workplace charging stations, whilst helping you achieve HRMC compliance.