Are electric vehicles for you?

Deploying electric vehicles can seem like a daunting task, but we enable you to make the switch with confidence.

How? By collecting and analysing your fleet’s data to identify where EVs could be deployed effectively.


Step 1: gathering trip data

This step can be bypassed for existing TMC mileage capture customers, as we already have your trip data.

If you are new to TMC, we can gather data on your business journeys through our app, via our online system or through your telematics – no hardware required! Drivers can download our easy to use app which will gather information on their journeys. We can track business only trips or include commute and personal trips. It is completely flexible. We suggest a minimum period of three months to ensure we have an accurate picture of the types of journeys each driver/vehicle makes.


Step 2: E-Feasibility - analysis

Our E-Feasibility tool analyses all your trip data to identify drivers/vehicles with journey patterns compatible with an electric vehicle, taking into account the range of car and van EVs in the market.

You can set additional criteria and parameters to include in the analysis to give you the insight you need to support your EV strategy.

Consultancy and Analysis

Our consultants can help with the implementation of EVs.  From identifying your goals to assisting you with all the practicalities such as vehicle purchase/funding, buying/leasing charge points and employee on-boarding, they can offer their expertise at every stage of your transition to electric.

Once EVs have been deployed, we will provide ongoing analysis of your fleet’s real world performance so you can monitor and evaluate the success of your EVs and identify opportunities to further electrify your fleet, in an ever evolving landscape.