Gain a 360° view of your drivers, fuel spend and business trips

When operating a fleet of  LCVs and HGVs, visibility over trips, mileage, fuel use and driver behaviour is key. Our unique service brings together data from a variety of inputs to give you total visibility over your fleet and drivers, identifying areas for improvement and reducing costs. We consolidate, audit, analyse and act on your data by combining:

• HR details: name, employee number and place of work
• Telematics feeds via APIs
• Manual driver input of trips, mileage and month end odometer readings
• Vehicle information
• Fuel card and bunker fuel spend
• Spot hires of additional vehicles
• Accident management

From pro-active fleet management to driver profiles – how you benefit

As part of our service we will;

  • Audit each fill up – We can check mileage and fuel data adds up and cross reference tank capacity to identify any overfills.  Using telemetry, we can check the vehicle was present when the fuel card was used. We follow up any anomalies directly with the driver or depot managers.
  • Identify any card misuse and suspect transactions and call the drivers or depot managers to alert them.
  • Provide Monthly reports giving a comprehensive analysis of your commercial vehicle mileage activity and fuel use. Reports include:
    1. Driver or vehicle spend and performance – identifying best and worst driver performance and addressing specific exceptions directly with the driver or depot manager.  We can also produce driver league tables to encourage good driving.
    2. Real life MPGs – By comparing distances driven to fuel spend we are able to provide you with real life MPGs across your entire fleet enabling you to spot where improvements in driver behaviour/vehicle selection can be made.  This will also enable you to see the impact that any added kit has on MPG and can help identify which vehicles best suit your needs.
    3. Carbon footprint – where fuel cards or telematics are used and accurate mileages are collected, we produce a quarterly statement highlighting the carbon use of individual employees. This will provide information about average fuel consumption over the period, as well as the contribution to global carbon. The report will enable you to fulfil your ESOS requirements and help you to drive down the CO2 outputs on your fleet.
    4. Hours driven report – Supports driver safety and duty of care requirements.
    5. Bearer card reporting – automated bearer card system, meaning no need to hold manual, paper-based fuel card log books
    6. Spend analysis – to support better purchasing behaviours and drive efficiencies to get the most from your fuel spend

We also do a lot of analysis for our clients on drivetrains – petrol v diesel – taking into account the whole life cost.

We can convert the data sets into driver profiles giving you a complete picture of what’s driving your fleet’s performance. Our solution is EU based, so drivers can use the service in all EU markets.

A solution that can be tailored for any commercial fleet

Our unique service can be set up to cater for any kind of commercial vehicle fleet, mixed car fleet and fuel card set up:

Fuel card set up:

  • Fuel card assigned to employees
  • Fuel card assigned to vehicles
  • Non assigned fuel cards – bearer cards

Commercial vehicle types:

  • CVs with telematics
  • CVs without telematics
  • Spot hires

Driver types:

  • Occasional private use and commute
  • Commute and business trips
  • Business only

For fleets that use telematics we can accept feeds from multiple providers, you can use as many as you like, which means you no longer need to rely on just one telematics system.

Our cost savings guarantee

On average, our commercial vehicle customers save 10.6% off their fuel bills and see a return on investment within 4 months of using our service.

We are so convinced that we can save you money that we issue a guarantee whereby we guarantee to save your business twice the cost of our service. If we don’t, we’ll refund the difference.

UK and European fuel purchasing and mileage logging

Powered by a leading corporate card provider, the Fuel+ card is a new kind of fuel purchasing solution for CV operators. Its key features are:

  • Coverage – it is accepted by over 98% of UK retail fuel sites as well as more than 100,000 sites in Europe
  • No transaction charges
  • Secure Chip & PIN authorisation – can be used at unmanned pay-at-pump sites
  • Comprehensive audit, analysis and reporting.
  • Clear split between business and private usage, where private use is permitted

Click to find out more about our Fuel+ and Mileage Capture and Audit services, or if you’d like to speak to someone about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you.