Fuel+.  The Travel and Fuel Card

The Fuel+ card gives your drivers access to the biggest network of filling stations around the world.  Underpinned by VISA and Mastercard, Fuel+ is not tied to any fuel company or brand, so there is no restriction on where drivers can refuel, nor any incentive to favour a particular brand of fuel. In addition, drivers have the convenience of using pay at pump sites.  The Fuel+ card covers over 98% of UK filling stations, including supermarkets.

It’s secure chip and PIN can be locked down for use at fuel retailers only (and other associated expenses such as tolls, parking, congestion charges, if you like) or it can be unlocked and used for all expenses.  It is really flexible so you can make it work for your business – the chip can also be programmed with extra security features e.g. limits on the number of fuel transactions per day.

Fuel+ is different to other fuel cards – it’s users automatically get the benefit of our award-winning Mileage Capture and Audit and all the benefits that brings – accurate, audited mileage/fuel usage (and the associated reduced costs), processing of expenses and payroll data, comprehensive management information reports.

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