TMC’s award winning service starts with an easy to use online system and/or mobile app where drivers log mileage – they can also do this via SMS. Drivers are prompted to log their mileage and submit their final odometer reading before the cut off date each month.

Our system uses advanced algorithms to analyse the mileage data together with refuelling data, Euro pump prices, vehicle specific tank capacity and trip details to identify any anomalies and inaccuracies, including excessive miles logged, fuel overspending or too many miles covered too quickly. These are flagged up on a report which our tactful Customer Service Team use to contact drivers to find out more. This in itself deters drivers from exaggerating their claims.

Our customers typically see a reduction in mileage claims by an average of 15.4% when using our mileage capture and audit service.

Next we streamline reimbursements and repayments, producing a payroll file to enable you to deduct private mileage/reimburse business mileage. It works equally well for company vehicle, cash allowance and grey fleet drivers in cars or LCVs.

To find out more about how we can help your business, you can download our brochure here.