Mileage Track

The Industry Leading Mileage Capture App

Our industry leading app accurately records mileage whilst being easy-to-use and driver friendly.

The app has 2 separate versions that you can deploy depending on your needs:

Mileage Track
Drivers can record their trips and load them easily into their TMC account.

Mileage Track+
Offers trip recording with the additional benefit of driver behaviour monitoring – the ideal solution for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your drivers whilst on the go.

Mileage Track

Mileage Track includes a range of standard features that make your drivers’ lives easier.

These include:


Stop start tracking of your business journeys


Ability to manually input business trips


Uploading VAT, fuel or expense receipts


End of month close off with odometer readings

Journey Tracking


Drivers can use the stop/start functionality to record their trips. They simply click the ‘play’ icon in the main dashboard to begin their trip, and the ‘stop’ icon to end it.

Automatic tracking of the driver’s journey via Bluetooth or the vehicles movement via GPS is also possible dependent on the vehicles within your fleet.

Please get in touch with us to enquire whether this would be an option for your fleet.

Auto Track

Trip History and Classification


By using the app drivers can view the history of their trips.

Drivers can also reclassify trips as commutes or private mileage.

Multiple trips recorded within a single journey can be merged
prior to submission (e.g. stopping for fuel on a long trip),
ensuring logging your mileage is simple, clear and straightforward.



The app also links with our Compliance+ service, making it easy and seamless for employees to upload and complete all of the required occupational road risk and duty of care documentation.

Using the app, drivers are able to input their own or their nominated driver’s licence details to initiate a driving licence check, upload their insurance documents, and complete their vehicle safety checks and risk assessments. MOT details are automatically checked online with the DVLA

Add Fuel Spend

Uploading Fuel Receipts & Expenses


Drivers can seamlessly upload their fuel and expense receipts using the app.

Receipts can be scanned directly into the app using your device’s camera,
meaning your employees can upload their data anytime, anywhere.

Once submitted these are sent straight to the relevant line manager for approval.

Mileage Track+

Mileage Track+ includes all the functionality of Mileage Track, but includes advanced driver behaviour scoring.

Driver Behaviour Scoring

We use the device’s in-built accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS to gather telemetry data.

For the scores, an average is created from all the scores of the individual trips.

Colour coded scoring shows either ‘excellent’, ‘average’ or ‘could do better’. These scores consist of 3 marks from 1 to 100 and are are made up of:

  • Speeding
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Phone Usage (excluding Bluetooth calls)
Driver behaviour app


All driver scoring is consolidated in an online dashboard, which you can use to analyse the safety and performance of your fleet.

You are provided with two key reports:

Summary report
This report displays a summary of your drivers’ scores against all performance metrics. We also show overall scores by month, allowing you to identify behaviour trends throughout the year.

Trip report
This report demonstrates the score drivers have achieved against the performance metrics for each trip. It gives you detailed insight into individual drivers and how they are performing on a daily basis.

Our extensive reporting can be used to assess the risk of your fleet, demonstrate areas for improvement, identify trends and analyse the behaviours of all your drivers.

Auto Track report

League Tables


Every month league tables will be sent out to your drivers to show where they are performing against their peers.

Selected behaviours important to your company can be highlighted as individual awards to encourage positive driving habits.

League table final


Use the app with our award winning Mileage Capture and Audit service.


Ensure the compliance of your fleet with Compliance+.