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Sourcing a provider and consolidating your data

Telematics+ from TMC includes two key elements:


Sourcing a telematics provider

We are a seller of the best in market telematics solutions available
and can find the perfect device for you and your fleet.

Consolidation of current telematics data

If you already have telemetry services deployed, Telematics+ helps
you aggregate, consolidate and manage the wide-ranging data sets available from all of your telematics providers in one simple place.

Why Telematics+?

The telematics market is the largest growing fleet sector across Europe. This, combined with the increased demand for complete visibility, control and cost savings, means it has never been more important to ensure vehicles and fleets are performing efficiently.

TMC are leaders in collecting and harnessing data. We take feeds from leading telematics providers and we have many standard and configurable APIs to enable this integration to be done simply and quickly.

By choosing Telematics+, you will partner with a specialist that can supply a telematics solution dependent on your specific requirements.

We look to provide a tiered approach to ensure that all levels are covered, and a simple on-boarding and transition can be achieved.

For Telematics product sales, we have solutions that we can discuss with you, some of which are displayed below.

Mileage Track

TMC’s own app-based solution uses GPS to gather key telemetry data. It’s a cost-effective and easy solution which only requires a mobile phone and our Mileage Track app.

Using Bluetooth connectivity software, the app captures key driver behaviour data directly from the vehicle.

Using this data, we create detailed reports and demonstrate cost saving potential. The app also includes an interactive dashboard which can display driver trips.

This solution is ideal for any employee with a high percentage of personal use on a vehicle, cash allowance and company car drivers and grey fleet.

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Auto Track
geotab authorised reseller

Automate, integrate, innovate

Geotab Device

The Geotab device is robust, compact, and durable that plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBD port. Easy to install and remove the device, with no specialist tools required and authorised installers available.

The device collects rich and accurate real-time vehicle data which is pulled through to TMC via direct APIs, including vehicle location, speed data and trip information.

The solution is ideal for those assets with a high proportion of business use such as commercial vehicles and pool cars.

Beyond vehicles, businesses can use the Geotab software to monitor the location and usage of other assets, such as heavy machinery and tools.

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Geotab’s OEM Telematics Platform

Access the potential of embedded telematics data from Geotab’s unified platform without hardware costs.

With Geotab’s OEM data platform, you can view and manage all your vehicle and equipment data from one single telematics dashboard, regardless of the OEM or telematics device you use. 

Leading vehicle manufacturers, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), are increasingly relying on integrated telematics devices that are installed in vehicle models ex works as part of the vehicle architecture. These devices can collect OEM-specific and general vehicle information and telematics data after the customer has given the appropriate consent. With Geotab’s OEM platform, telematics data from many manufacturers can be integrated and deployed and managed in the cloud-based fleet management software MyGeotab.

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How does Geotab’s OEM Data Platform work?

Geotab’s OEM Data Platform enables third-party data from vehicles and OEM hardware to be reliably and securely integrated into MyGeotab, leveraging the benefits and solutions available to all Geotab integration partners. This functionality makes it possible to send telematics data from devices via the Geotab APIs defined in the SDK.

Geotab works with OEMs around the world. The network of integrated partners is constantly growing to provide fleets with different vehicle makes and models with solutions for planning, managing and controlling a mixed fleet in a unified platform. Easy advantages of integrated OEM telematics include:

  • Cost advantage: No device hardware or installation costs
  • Easy activation: Remote, contactless activation and no hardware installation means no downtime
  • Access to rich, proprietary data: Access OEM-specific vehicle information from integrated, secure OEM hardware and sensors

Read more about why the world’s leading fleets are relying on the transmission and analysis of vehicle data here

We also have affiliations with a number of other specialist  providers, including those listed below.