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TMC Automotive

Specialist service for your fleet

TMC Automotive is a service designed specifically for the unique demands and challenges faced by dealerships, OEMs, leasing and rental companies.

With vehicles being utilised for multiple purposes by various members of staff, keeping a track of vehicle use and mileage is a tricky task, not just for the company, but for individual tax liabilities as well.

We work with several dealership groups and motor manufacturers, increasing their visibility and control over vehicle usage and mileage whilst significantly reducing their fuel costs.

Our clients benefit from an average saving of 15.4% off their fuel bills (which equates to 18p per litre) and more than £1,000 per driver per year for those with ‘fully expensed’ fuel cards.



Our client, Paul Daynes, Group HR Director of Group 1 Automotive UK, whose dealership brands include Chandlers, Barons and Beadles said:

“A dealership fleet is a complex operation, with a wide variety of vehicles and journey types, including company cars, demonstrators, test drives, deliveries and transfers.

Two features that stood out are the mobile app and the support TMC provides to our employees. The app is very attractive. It looks and feels modern and is right for our workforce. The support they provide through their help desk diverts a lot of questions that would otherwise go to our payroll department. The partnership and expertise they offer is fantastic, whether it be around definitions of business mileage, taxation issues or even tweaking their system for us to solve issues that are quite specific to a dealership business, such as how to handle reporting for test drives.”

How does it work?

  • ‘Company car’ drivers log their business mileage on our easy to use app or online system
  • We work out any private mileage and provide payroll files for any reimbursements
  • We audit every business journey.  Our system will check each journey and flag any anomalies to our Employee Service team who will investigate it further, contacting the driver directly where required.
  • Every mile is accounted for, ensuring there is no leakage

And, if you have a fuel card….

  • We will check that every penny spent is being used for its correct purpose.
  • We will ensure fuel cards are used to fill the correct vehicles i.e. we check whether the number of litres purchased is in line with the fuel tank capacity
  • We will monitor driver usage and behaviour– for example, we will educate drivers who use expensive motorway stations on lower cost alternatives
  • We provide you with a host of tailored reports so you can see how many miles each vehicle has done and for what reason, alongside a payroll file for private mileage deductions
  • You will also be able to see how many business miles each individual has done, to ensure business mileage is reported correctly to HMRC

We work with a number of fuel card and payment partners and can assist you with selecting the card/s that best suits your objectives – whether that be coverage, rebates, or simplicity of use.  Our Fuel+ service handles card issue and control and assumes all administrative and supply chain responsibilities.  To find out more, click here.

How will TMC Automotive benefit me?

  • Money saving
    Ensuring every mile paid for is a business mile.
  • Visibility
    Knowing who was driving the vehicle at any one time, which will help in the case of fines and traffic offences.
  • Compliance
    We will remind drivers to record their mileage every month to ensure full and accurate mileage records for tax purposes.
  • Reduced administration
    No more log books, spreadsheets, chasing drivers and trying to work out who had the car when and for what purpose.
  • Tax year end employee reports
    We can provide reports for employees to make their tax returns and claims easy to handle when using a dealer structured scheme.
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