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Reporting – “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” Peter DruckerThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

Mileage - the key to controlling fuel costs.   Reporting makes fuel cost control possible. Knowing your fleet’s total annual fuel purchases and vehicle mileage won’t help. The answers are all in the detail: • Business vs. private mileage splits • Specifics of each business journey (needed for audit purposes and HMRC compliance) • Actual mpg (obtained by dividing recorded mileage by litres of fuel used) • Actual fuel cost

HMRC consultation calls flat rate mileage and fuel expenses into questionThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

Business travel data specialist TMC is urging companies to respond to a new HMRC consultation document that questions whether flat rate expenses such as Approved Mileage Allowance Payments (AMAPs) are still appropriate. TMC, which captures and processes mileage and fuel expense data from over 100,000 UK and European drivers, says fleets should take this important opportunity to make their voice heard. HMRC’s call for evidence about taxati

Fuel Savings. The devil is in the detail.The Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

Successful fuel management can be summed up in two well-known phrases. “The truth is out there” and “The devil is in the detail”. The first rule of fuel management is ‘what you don’t know definitely will hurt you’. Bad things come from incomplete management information. Insufficient information leads to excessive fuel costs and needless administrative hassle. It’s not enough just to record your vehicles’ annual mileages. N

TMC data shows some fleet drivers get over 40mpg more than others from identical company cars.The Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

New ‘real world driving’ data reveals that some fleet drivers are getting 40 fewer miles per gallon (MPG) than colleagues who drive identical models. Super-frugal fleet diesels are extremely sensitive to their users’ driving style says TMC, which carried out the analysis. TMC believes that 50% or more of fleet drivers have not adapted their technique to modern cars and employers are therefore missing out on millions of pounds in fuel