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The 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles was extended to 2035 last September and now, with the general election looming, the Labour party have vowed to bring the ban BACK to 2030 once again if they were to gain power in July.
This could now become a reality. Nothing has been mentioned with regards to vans at this stage, however.
Last year, our UK Sales Director Barry Monks hinted at the possibility of a reversal later down the line with his comments in a previous blog post, hoping that the efforts already made by large corporates and manufacturers would mean the impact would be minimal regardless.
Our International Sales Director, Angus Leeson, was concerned that lots of investment had already been made with 2030 in mind and the extension could have a negative impact. He added this week that the reversal “will have a huge impact across the fleet sector with regards to transition to electric and net zero, with all the associated challenges that come with it.”
Is the uncertainty negatively impacting fleets with their planning and preparation for the road to net zero or is it business as usual?
When the ban is enforced is seemingly dependent on the outcome of the general election but TMC are ready to support with transition, home and public charging and reimbursement today!