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The Miles Consultancy (TMC), best known as an international fleet and mobility, data management specialist, is building on it’s existing cost control and compliance of corporate fuel management and business mobility solutions by launching, a world first intelligent Mobility super-app titled; Mobility iQ.


Mobility iQ seeks to revolutionise the way corporates and their employees search, book and pay for multi-mobility ground transportation. Through aggregating all ground transport; modes and suppliers into one intelligent digital application, it seeks to steer all ground transport and allow you to:

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Gamify & Benchmark Your Mobility vs Your Peers



Ability To Steer Low/Zero

Emission at PoS




Smart iQ Routing & ‘Best Fit’




Reduce Your

Carbon Footprint




Reduced Trip










Improve Traveller/

User Experience




Accurate Scope 2/3

GHG Reporting



Launching this summer, Mobility iQ will start by creating transparency of each users Mobility iQ and supported by gamification, benchmark their iQ based on the 4Cs; Cost, Carbon, Clock & Calories vs market medium/best practice, with the emphasis on supporting the needed change in behaviours to meet our collective and individual net zero emissions targets.


The second phase titled ‘iQ’ coming later in 2022, will give corporates a single, fully integrated, digital route planning and booking tool, which will provide their employees ‘pre trip’ and ‘in trip’ carbon and cost optimisation across all available methods and approved suppliers of ground transportation via API integrations including:

Mobility iQ dashboard

Car Rental & Sharing

Micro Mobility

Ride hailing

Public transport:

Train, Subway, Bus

Based on your company preferences surrounding; Cost, Calories (steps), Carbon and Clock (time), Mobility iQ will intelligently promote more traveler responsible behaviour through our algorithms.


Is your goal to remain cost effective? 


Shoot for carbon neutral?


Maybe time has the greatest value for you?


Ensure you get your daily steps?

For the traveller

  • All modes/suppliers aggregated into ONE booking tool/app

  • Prompt more intelligent, sustainable, cost-effective and/or healthy choices

  • Smart Routing when you move from A to B, and sometimes C

  • Daily trips, & multi leg trip itinerates supported

  • Calendar and Corporate travel booking tool data to help journey planning

  • Push notifications pre/in trip of ‘best fit’ mode/supplier

updated iq sce

Mobility iQ is a universal application that can be used by corporates to tackle a multitude of challenges for all functions across your business:

Travel Managers

Are you trying to figure out how to reduce carbon emissions? Are you struggling with supply? Maybe costs are spiralling? Wondering how to report accurate scope 3 GHG emissions from Jan 2023.

Fleet/Mobility Managers

How to get to carbon neutral by 2030? Are you struggling with EV vehicle supply? Do you think moving from ICE to EV will enable NetZero? Are you tasked with implementing a mobility solution? Should you still give cars to everyone now they do such low/no business miles/ Do you know the split of business/ private miles?

Global Mobility/Relocation Executives

Would you like to steer more sustainable mobility for those relocating? Would you like to better help relocating employees with mobility? Grappling with how to manage mobility for those first months in a new country/city?

HR/ Rewards 

Want to add car benefits to your flex bonus? Looking to add mobility as an alternative to a car? Unsure what budget to set vs a car? How to manage the split of business, private and commute? How you will manage the benefit of kind for the different models/ usage?


Looking for a different way to get to work? Do you now work at home more than at the office? Thinking about giving up/replacing your car?


Do you have a net zero target? Are you focused only on moving from ICE to EV? Are you worried about how to report accurate scope 2/3 emissions?

Company Car Eligible

Worried about swapping your ICE for an EV? Are you using your car less than 10% of your life post Covid-19? Do you do less than 5,000 business miles per annum? Do you use other forms of mobility alongside your car?

Corporate Traveler

Do you spend lots of time planning/booking your daily travel? Do you have multiple mobility apps you use? Do you use Google/Apple maps to plan your trips? How do you book your daily travel? Do you know your personal carbon footprint for your ground transport? Would you like to receive recommendations for bookings?

Finance Director

Would you like to aggregate all fleet, mobility and corporate via Concur? Would you like to reduce the number of invoices processed? Would you like to consolidate your fleet/ mobility spend via your corporate card?

Mobility iQ has the answers for you – set to become the ‘Go To’ digital mobility/ground transport planning and booking tool for corporates and consumers. Contact us today to learn more…

Product Videos

TMC has created the following pre-launch videos to highlight the problem Mobility iQ is seeking to solve, the features and functionality that we are busy developing. We have initially focused on two target groups with the greatest demand:


Fleet & Mobility:

Would you like to discover how Mobility iQ can help you calculate your cost, carbon and calories per minute/mile/km when you move from A to B?

Or maybe benchmark and gamify your iQ against market median/best practice?

Or better still help you intelligently search book and pay across all modes and available suppliers when you move from A to B and sometimes C?

Watch our pre-launch video and contact us today to calculate your iQ.

Corporate Travel: 

Would you like to aggregate all your Ground Transport program, including Car Rental, Ride Hailing, and Rail into one intelligent mobility super app? 

Mobility iQ helps you steer your travelers choices every time they are planning to move from A to B and sometimes C both sustainably & cost effectively, by searching all available modes and suppliers and comparing the results based on your 4Cs preferences of Cost, Carbon, Clock (time) or Calories (steps). 

Check out our video and contact TMC today to sign up!

Want to become                    a supplier? 

If you’re a supplier of a mobility service; car rental, ride hailing/ taxi, public transport or micro mobility and want to join our API network, connect with us!


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Mobility iQ Case Studies

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Case Study #2: Cost