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How Lyreco’s fleet manager HALVED his cars’ pence per mile fuel costs using S.T.Y.L.E. and S.M.A.R.T.nessThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

As expensive fuel looks set to stay, with some motorway stations now charging over £1.49 per litre, we talk to TMC customer David Cadwallader, UK & Ireland Car Fleet Manager for global workplace products distributor Lyreco, about his successful strategies for keeping a lid on costs. He tells us: “In 2017, our fuel cost per car user was at its lowest, as was the pence per mile, despite pump prices being at their highest for two years.”

Imagine diesel costing between £1 and £4 a litre depending on where you filled up. Welcome to the world of EV charging stations.The Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

One of the many differences between electric vehicles (EVs) and internal combustion engines (ICEs) that fleets will have adjust to is the way their fuels are priced. We’re accustomed to a highly-standardised supply system for petrol and diesel: two types of fuel, in standard and premium grades; pump nozzles that come in just two sizes, and prices that typically only vary by 2-4 pence per litre (away from motorways at least). On the other

Fleets face fuel cost double whammy from high oil price and de-dieselisation, warns TMCThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

As average UK diesel prices surpassed £1.30 per litre yesterday (22 May 2018), mobility data analysis company TMC has warned of a ‘fuel cost double whammy’ for fleets. “The trend away from diesel in favour of thirstier petrol cars could not be happening at a worse time,” said Paul Hollick, managing director of TMC. “Analysis of ‘real-world’ fuel costs from TMC’s fuel and mileage capture recently showed that the real cost gap b

Diesel is not the danger to health some say it is.The Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

Diesel is not the danger to health some say it is. One of the biggest challenges for fleet decision makers today is to reconcile the realities of operating vehicles with the mixed signals being sent out by different stakeholders. Commercial reality for most operators and job-need drivers still emphatically says ‘diesel’ but this knowledge runs contrary to strong signals sent out by last month’s BIK increases <https://themilesconsul

TMC Scoop Motor Finance Award for Digital Innovation of the YearThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

We were absolutely delighted to be awarded the Motor Finance Award for Digital Innovation of the Year. The Judges has this to say about Mobility+:   "This year’s winner took a real industry problem and came up with an effective solution. This solution was quite out there, first to market and a good example of joined up thinking. Judges were also impressed with how this innovation is applicable across borders."   Mob

Revealed. The UK Treasury’s short-sighted £1 billion tax raid on company car driversThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

Chip and Pin

UK government tax policy hits company car drivers unfairly. And whatever the government tries to suggest, it’s got very little to do with protecting the environment. That is TMC’s conclusion from our review of changes affecting company car drivers in the last four Budgets. Thanks to which, company car users will pay around £550 million more tax this year than they would have expected four years ago. Most of the extra burden will com

This week’s company car tax changes are no April Fool’s joke.The Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

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With steep increases in UK company car taxes just around the corner, there is only one question the fleet industry should ask about the government’s BIK strategy. How did it go so disastrously wrong? Back in 2002 when the government launched the CO2-based BIK system, it called it “a fundamental, revenue neutral, reform of the taxation of company cars, to help protect the environment.” It was designed to offer company car drivers a

TMC win Van Fleet World Award for Best TechnologyThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

We are delighted to have won the Van Fleet World Award for Best Technology at today's event in Twickenham. Here's what the Judges had to say: “Harnessing data from multiple fleet service providers to assess fuel use can be a real headache for a fleet manager,” said Dan Gilkes, editor of Van Fleet World. “TMC has created Fuel+, using fuel, telematics and journey data to reduce fuel costs, provide visibility over fuel usage and to i

Hydrogen and natural gas bid for attention as fleets head for a multi-fuel futureThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

European Fleet has been more or less a one-fuel business for so long that the prospect of having to manage as many as seven fuels in a few years’ time might seem far-fetched. But with no single fuel type or drivetrain technology ready to fill the growing vacuum created by the reduction in new diesel vehicles being deployed within fleets, a multi-fuel future is looking increasingly likely. Alongside its’ sad warning that the obvious gove

Álvaro Bonnardeaux steps into new European role as TMC continues international expansionThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

TMC have appointed Álvaro Bonnardeaux to the newly-created role of International Sales, Market Director for Belgium, France, Germany and Spain in response to growing international demand for its consolidated fleet and fuel solutions. Álvaro has more than 20 years' experience in sales and business development, management consulting in eight countries on three continents. "I am delighted to be joining TMC at this exciting time in its developm

Double win for TMC at the Fleet World HonoursThe Miles Consultancy NewsThe Miles Consultancy News

We are absolutely delighted to win not one but TWO awards at the Fleet World Honours!  One for Innovation in Fuel Saving and Management for TMC Fuel+, the other for Innovation in Cost Reduction for TMC Mobility+.  We are over the moon!  Read what the judges had to say here: Innovation in Cost Reduction: TMC Mobility+ A powerful tool for managing multi-modal travel, Mobility+ combines data from a multitude of suppliers to give a cle