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Wow, what an incredible BTN Innovate we enjoyed in New York City…

It’s been two weeks since we left ‘The Big Apple’ after a scintillating day of innovation pitches from 12 of the most exciting and game-changing technologies approaching the business travel industry.

The Miles Consultancy are delighted to have had the opportunity to present our mission and vision to transform the ground transportation mobility eco-system with Mobility iQ at the BTN Innovation Face Off.

“Whilst we did not win, to be even considered amongst many of the industry’s largest and greatest innovators was one of the biggest moments in the history of Mobility iQ thus far!” said Stuart ‘Mobility’ Donnelly, President Mobility at The Miles Consultancy.

“We were honoured to be presenting our mission and vision along with our solution, namely, the world’s first smart sustainable mobility super-app to such a huge audience of corporate travel buyers and peers in the BTN innovation face off.


“It really was an honour, a privilege, but wow; that was huge!”

The presentation is available to watch on-demand by following this link – we recommend you check it out!

Despite our pitch in the United States, we would love to expand further in a one-to-one with you at your convenience via a 30 or 60 minute virtual appointment.

Please click the link below and we would be delighted to schedule this with you to deep dive and discuss how Mobility iQ could help you transform managed ground transportation and mobility solutions for your business.

Calendly – Stuart Donnelly ✍