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Let’s talk about overstaying at EV public charge bays.

It’s a concern for those preparing to transition from ICE to EV and above anything, an annoyance for those already using electric vehicles.

Charging an electric vehicle on the highway is unavoidable for many drivers, be it due to available range or the trip distance. To arrive to what should be an available charge bay and see it taken by a fully charged EV overstaying the limit and occupying the space is going to be disappointing to say the least.

Most charge points should state the maximum stay time and the potential overstay penalty if drivers don’t comply. TMC have started to pick up on some of these overstay fines as transactions during our audit and payroll process!

We totally agree that these overstay charges should be in place, EV drivers need maximum access to EV charge points and the infrastructure is only going to improve. However, we think it’s important to manage.

If we can pick up on these transactions, we can report them back to you as a business so that you have visibility of who incurred a penalty fine, when and where they were charged and how much was incurred.

From there, it’s easier to encourage better practice and take steps to avoid a repeat incident.

Overstaying EV Graphic