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Without accurate mileage records, you can’t accurately report on your carbon output!

That’s the long and short of it. To accurately report on your fleet’s carbon emissions you need accurate mileage capture, including the true split between business and private of your employee’s trips.

Good job that The Miles Consultancy can do this for you!

TMC will ensure you have accurate mileage data to establish the correct business/private split and by overlaying with fuel transactions, we can report back to you on your fleet’s true carbon outputs in relation to business mileage, allowing you to measure, manage and ultimately control and reduce total emissions.

From there, we have the ability to assist in identifying where electric vehicles could work within your fleet and continue to support with charging and reimbursement once deployed, assisting every step of the way on the road to net zero!

Important points to consider for your business but remember, it all starts with accurate mileage capture.