EV home charging reimbursement

Reimburse home energy costs direct to employee’s suppliers

Find out how TMC are helping others and how we can help you electrify your fleet with confidence.

With drivers charging at home, at the office and on the public highway, reimbursing Electric Vehicle drivers can become quite complex.

TMC are Europe’s leaders in Fuel and EV Management and key to our recent success is our ability to reimburse Electric Vehicle users directly at Actual Cost.

TMC have a number of options around EV reimbursement and have even calculated our own rates taking into account the true cost of running an EV in the real world, and can now credit the employees’ energy provider directly through their energy bill each month, eliminating the need for employees to claim back domestic charging costs.

How it works

The driver(s) confirms their energy provider, tariff information and uploads a copy of their energy bill via the TMC App, which is linked to the drivers’ energy supplier.

TMC take in any telematics data directly or the driver uses our Mobile app to capture business trips via GPS. Through our audits TMC confirm the accurate business/private mileage split, calculate the true cost per mile and reimburse the drivers’ energy tariff directly for any business costs.

Drivers are simply credited directly through their energy supplier at actual cost, HMRC rate or using the TMC calculated EV mileage rates. No need to deal with any administration or involve payroll and the driver doesn’t need to do anything else, they just receive their reimbursement directly each month through their energy provider.

Any public and/or office charging is offset, ensuring that drivers are correctly reimbursed for any EV charging at their own expense.

Through an online dashboard, we then present the cost of all charging at home, on the highway and at the office, along with true cost, carbon and performance data for each vehicle and driver.