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Public Charging

TMC work with card providers to offer businesses a solution for both public electric charging and the purchase of fossil fuels.

At the moment, there are some electric vehicle charging points that are free to use. However, the rapid and high-powered chargers can entail a fee and some require drivers to join a network, like Pod Point, which provide a membership card or a smartphone app to pay for charging their car. We want to ensure that the process of charging your electric vehicle and paying for the time charged is seamless.

We work with a number of card providers to help you select a payment solution that best suits your needs. TMC can assist you in choosing the networks you wish to utilise, including any EV suppliers, and send out communications to help your employees to register where applicable. Not only that, we can help you secure a contactless card solution that is perfectly set up for when all charging points across Britain offer contactless payment.

As the card can be used to purchase traditional fuel too (it is accepted at 98% of UK forecourts), it can be used by PHEV and ICE drivers alike, reducing the hassle of drivers moving between combustion engines and electric vehicles and helping to better manage a mixed fleet.

TMC are able to support you by providing a solution that can get you coverage of up to 92% of electric charge points in the UK, meaning employees do not have to pay and reclaim public charging costs when using the electric highway.

A charge card solution, coupled with TMC’s unique mileage capture technology is designed to provide your EV drivers with a hassle-free solution for charging on the public highway. And by splitting business and private mileage, we help you with HMRC compliance and give you visibility over your charging costs.

TMC’s mileage app, Mileage Track can automatically record every business trip.  Every business trip is audited to ensure compliance with your company policy.  At the end of each month, the driver submits the vehicle’s odometer reading so we can identify any private mileage.  We then overlay charging costs with mileage and provide a payroll file so you can deduct any private mileage costs.