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Meet Louisa.

Louisa drives an electric company car.

The business she works for has appointed TMC to manage their mileage claims and driver reimbursements.

Louisa has an EO charger at home and there is a Pod Point charger at the office.

85% of the time, Louisa charges her car up at home. She sometimes uses the charge point at work and very occasionally uses a public charge point, paid for using her EV Charge card.

Louisa’s employer has decided to reimburse drivers for any business miles driven at Actual Cost and TMC are managing this on behalf of her company.

Louisa receives a welcome email from TMC, explaining who we are, providing log in details for her TMC account and detailing what she needs to do to ensure her account is set up.

Louisa downloads TMC’s app, Mileage Track+.

Via the App, she completes her Driving Licence Check (Louisa takes a picture of her licence and using OCR technology, the app takes all the key details. Louisa gives permission for the licence check and the app automatically checks the licence with the DVLA via a secure link).  Next Louisa does a risk assessment via a short questionnaire and completes a vehicle check, which includes taking images of her car and uploading via the app.

Louisa’s vehicle details are already preloaded, having been provided by her employer.

Set Times

The Mobile app

Louisa uses TMC’s app, Mileage Track to record her business trips via GPS. She has set the app to record her journeys between Monday – Friday 0900 – 1700.

Using data from the device’s in-built accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS, each of Louisa’s journeys is scored out of 100.  This enables TMC to report on Louisa’s speeding, acceleration, braking and cornering.

Louisa’s average score is displayed on her app’s dashboard.  The scoring is also reported back to the business.

At the end of each month, Louisa enters her odometer reading so the private/business split can be calculated.

The audit

We check every business journey and highlight any anomalies we find. Louisa will be asked to explain any discrepancies in mileage against our postcode look up, which will be reviewed by our friendly Employee Service team.  They will contact Louisa to find out more information where necessary.

This process not only works to highlight and correct the discrepancies, but acts as a deterrent to prevent drivers exaggerating their claims.

Charging Data

TMC collect the data from Louisa’s home and office charger and using the trip data recorded on the app, calculate the business/private mileage split and the amount to be reimbursed to Louisa for her business mileage.  Any public charging is also taken into account.

At the end of each month, Louisa’s line manager receives a notification to log into their TMC account and review Louisa’s business mileage claims.

Once approved, TMC provide a payroll file to Louisa’s employer enabling them to reimburse Louisa for her business mileage.  TMC also provide Louisa with a statement breaking down her charging events, costs and business/private split.

Although Louisa’s company opt to reimburse at actual cost, TMC customers can choose to use the AER rate or the cost per mile rate that TMC have calculated for each EV model.  If Louisa didn’t have an OCCP enabled charge point, she would simply provide details of her electricity tariff and charge activity.  From the mileage trip data recorded, TMC would calculate the reimbursement due.

What reporting is included?

We provide valuable data to Louisa’s employer, which is reported back in the form of an Online Dashboard

This includes a summary of all drivers as well as detailed information about each driver and their trips.

The dashboard also holds duty of care information – driving licence checks, vehicle checks and confirmation that Louisa has agreed to adhere to her employer’s fleet policy.  Louisa’s driver behaviour scores will also be reported back.

Louisa can see all of her previous claims and reimbursement amounts via the app and online system.

TMC app report dashboard

We’d love to talk to you about your fleet and discuss how we could help you improve visibility and control.  You can contact us using the form below or by calling or emailing us via the details below.

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