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What is Mileage Track?

Our app gives you visibility over the performance of your drivers and vehicles.  We will report on the CO2 emissions of every vehicle and identify how you can reduce your fleet’s carbon emissions.  This applies to your whole fleet – it can be used by drivers of company owned vehicles and grey fleet.


Mileage Track App Brochure

Our industry leading app which makes tracking your mileage simple.


Mileage Track, our award winning mileage capture app

Reducing your CO2 starts with capturing your fleet’s data. Our easy to use mobile app logs drivers’ mileage whilst on the go.

Drivers can upload fuel receipts by taking a photo through the device’s camera – everything can be done via the app.

At the end of each month, drivers submit their final odometer reading and we provide a payroll file for reimbursement/private mileage deductions where fuel cards are used.

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Detailed reporting

Our online dashboard provides an overview of your fleet’s performance, including pence per mile, MPG and CO2 emissions.  You can also drill down to see the performance of each vehicle/driver.  This enables you to take action to reduce CO2 emissions – encouraging drivers to drive more economically – for example ensuring drivers of PHEVs are charging the vehicle.  It can also help inform your fleet strategy –  removing vehicles with high emissions from choices list.  You can also see the impact of  electric vehicles within the fleet.

Electrify your fleet with confidence

We can also help you electrify your fleet with confidence.

Are you keen to electrify your fleet but unsure where to start?

Or do you have electric vehicles within your fleet but are unclear as to how effective they are?

Our real world data-driven solutions give you the full picture to take the uncertainty out of going electric.

We look at the journey profile of each vehicle in your fleet to identify where electric vehicles would work well.  We continue this analysis once electric vehicles are deployed to measure their impact and identify where else electric vehicles could be used successfully.

To compliment the real world data and insight we provide, our consultants can help you through the whole process of going electric. From identifying your goals to helping you with all the practicalities such as vehicle purchase/funding, buying/leasing charge points and employee on-boarding.

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We are on multiple frameworks

We are on multiple frameworks, including CCS, YPO and Softcat, enabling you to use your preferred route to market.

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