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Clue:  It’s for refuelling a VW Polo.


Shopping around for cheaper fuel is always a good idea. But getting a low price is only a part of successful fuel cost management.


Check out the transaction on the reciept. There’s nothing wrong with the price. But there’s everything wrong with the fill-up.

The driver’s car is a VW Polo. A Polo’s tank holds 45 litres of fuel but they bought 55 litres. Something was clearly going on there.

Maybe the driver was filling jerry cans … or fuelling another vehicle entirely.
As well as watching the pennies at the pumps, you need watch out for
hidden costs such as bad apples in your fleet siphoning-off the pounds.
And take it from us, this kind of abuse is a lot more common than you
might think.
The good news is that hidden costs are just that – hidden. They are never
completely invisible. All it takes to make them visible are the right tools
and techniques.  Click here to find out how TMC can help cut your bills down to size.