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What is Mileage+?

In a nutshell, Mileage+ reduces your fuel bills by accurately recording and auditing your employees’ mileage and fuel expenditure.

Mileage+, our award-winning Mileage Capture and Audit service, starts with an easy to use  mobile app that logs drivers’ mileage whilst on the go.  We can also take a telematics feed or alternatively, drivers can input business mileage via our online system.   We audit every journey and ensure compliance with your company policy.  At the end of each month, drivers submit their final odometer reading and we provide a payroll file for reimbursement/private mile deductions where fuel cards are used.

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Our award-winning Mileage+ service starts with an easy to use online system and/or mobile app where drivers log mileage.


The audit

Our audit process typically reduces the cost of mileage claims by an average of 15.4%, this equates to an average saving of 18.06 pence per litre. Our system uses complex algorithms and highlights when things don’t quite match up. The employee will be asked to explain any discrepancies in mileage against our postcode look up, which will be reviewed by our Employee Service team, who will contact the driver to find out more information where necessary.

This process not only works to highlight and correct the discrepancies, but it further works as a deterrent, to stop drivers exaggerating their claims.

What reporting is included?


Our Mileage Audit system streamlines reimbursements and repayments, by providing you with a payroll file which you can easily use to deduct private mileage or reimburse business mileage.

The audit system works equally well for company vehicles, cash allowance, and grey fleet drivers.


We hold so much valuable data about your fleet that it enables us to produce a range of management information reports to help you further manage your fleet’s fuel spend, CO2 emissions and driver safety. We do this by looking at the below data:

  • Vehicles
  • Journeys made
  • Miles driven
  • Fuel spend
  • Fuel consumption
Driver behaviour app

The Mobile app

We’ve made drivers’ lives even easier with ‘Mileage Track’, our mobile app that uses GPS to track journeys and load them directly into the mileage capture system. With no need to connect to a PC, and with the ability to upload fuel receipts by taking a photo through the device’s camera, logging mileage couldn’t be easier for your drivers.

The real benefits to your business are:

  • Cost savings
  • Less administration
  • Insightful consolidated reporting and information
  • Compliance – full and accurate mileage records for tax purposes


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