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Last week TMC data showed that 147/669 electric cars run at 8 pence per mile, the HMRC advisory electric rate, when charged at home at 29p / kW. That’s 22% of all derivatives.

Well, what about public charging? It’s unavoidable for many and a necessity for some due to the mileage completed or perhaps a lack of home charging facilities.

By incorporating just 10% of public charging at 60p / kWh, the number falls from 147 to 46. That’s only 7% of all derivatives running at 8p or less with a 90% home charge/10% public charge split.

Not to mention that there will be some drivers that do more than 10% of their total EV charging at public charge points and at higher prices too. The average price per kWh at a UK rapid charger according to RAC last month was 70p 🤯

This is just one reason why actual cost, or TMC EV rates, could be a fairer reimbursement solution for your fleets.