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TMC data analysts have presented the below new findings when calculating the TMC EV Rates for Q1 – a real world cost per mile for each electric vehicle in the market. 

Based on a tariff of 29p / kWh, there are only 147/669 electric cars that achieve 8 pence per mile or less. Moreover, only 1/395 electric vans achieve the 8p! 🤯

Remember this is without considering the likelihood for higher tariffs (which are currently far from uncommon) and the potential for public charging costs to be included.

We think it’s important that fleets understand that they have options… 🔌

p kWh

The new TMC data also showed the average tariffs that would be required for electric cars and vans to run at 8 pence per mile, the HMRC advisory electric rate 🚘🔌

The current energy price guarantee, for reference, is at 34p / kWh.

A benefit of TMC EV Rates is that they allow for the tariff to be amended so that the cost of electricity used is more reflective of the costs that EV drivers actually incur 👏