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Volume-related rebates on fuel sound good but do they really save money? They promise ‘the more you spend, the more you’ll save’.

Which is rather like trying to lose weight by eating more: it doesn’t work.

You’re also likely to find that only big fuel users get offered a really worthwhile-sounding rebate.

To earn the rebate, your drivers have to go out of their way to find the required brand of fuel. This brand diversion costs more than you think. One financial director calculated his drivers’ average ‘pence per minute’ cost while driving. He found that it only took two minutes of ‘brand diversion time’ to cancel out the rebate he’d been offered.

Rebates keep customers focused on small price differences when what really matters is minimising the volume of fuel you use.

TMC can help address the whole picture and cut your fuel bills down to size.  We’d love to speak to you and tell you more.  You can get hold of our contact details here.