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The beginning of May 2022 saw a new face join the TMC family and to say that he’s a man on a mission would perhaps be a slight understatement.

We are delighted that Stuart ‘Mobility’ Donnelly has joined The Miles Consultancy as ‘President Mobility’, with the task of bringing the long-standing idea of a mobility super app to fruition.

Stuart has been in the fleet industry or close to 20 years, spending time at Fleet Logistics and more recently at Sixt. Described as a mobility influencer, Stuart’s desire to disrupt the industry by creating ‘flexible and credible alternatives to car ownership’ sets him up perfectly for the next stage of the Mobility journey. Now at TMC, there is one goal in mind: deliver Mobility iQ.

“I started this crusade seven years ago to disrupt this industry and bring about more sustainable forms of mobility.” Stuart explained.

“By meeting TMC’s founder Paul Jackson, who shares the same vision, is perfect and I’m looking forward to realising this dream together.”

'Mr Mobility' ready for iQ launch

Stuart ‘Mobility’ Donnelly joins TMC

Five years ago Paul Jackson, CEO and Founder of The Miles Consultancy, had a dream which was iQ. The man behind the mileage capture start-up now together with self-designed ‘Mr Mobility’, it is very much a case of two great minds ready to change the way people think about travel for the better. In other words, it’s time to take Miles to Mobility.

Mobility iQ, an intelligent and interactive mobility super app, will create transparency and give users the ability to oversee their mobility footprint based around the ‘4C’s’: Cost, Clock, Carbon and Calories. To be made available as a Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobility iQ will also link with other Mobility Service Providers to give the consumer the ability to search, book and pay through a single app.

The first showing of this new venture, as part of the pre-launch, will be at the Smart Mobility Conference in Brussels on 9th June, where exclusive insight will be presented.

“The Smart Mobility Conference in Brussels will be the first air-time that we will bring to the market on this. It’s a universal platform – nothing else like this exists right now.”

On top of this, an exciting expansion with our partners Citibank will lead to an all-inclusive fleet card to allow users to pay digitally for multiple modalities including public transport and other micro-mobility options.