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Making the best use of fuel means getting as much value as possible out of the company’s spend on business fuel. That means addressing everything affecting fuel consumption and costs – including vehicle selection, your employees’ driving skills, where fuel is bought, how it’s paid for, whether business journeys are productive and claims for fuel/mileage payments are valid.

Take baseline measurements and set drivers achievable targets for consumption and emissions.


Your drivers’ knowledge, skills and attitudes play a very large role in deciding your company’s total fuel bill. That is why companies need to set unambiguous policies around business driving, fuel and mileage. These can stand alone or be incorporated into a company car or travel/mobility policy.

Drivers also appreciate advice on buying fuel cheaply (e.g. using supermarkets) and driving efficiently, especially those who drive their own cars. Some may require on-the-road training in eco driving techniques. Bodies like the Energy Saving Trust and the Institute of Car Fleet Management can help with advice, contacts and qualifications in fleet management.

TMC help you reduce fuel consumption and costs – by providing data on how the vehicles in your fleet are performing, identifying drivers achieving low mpg, validating fuel/mileage claims, steering drivers towards alternative lower cost fuel stations – to name but a few ways we can help.

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