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The Miles Consultancy are delighted to have partnered with Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) UK & Ireland, who are looking to fully electrify their fleet by the end of the year.


TMC will assist in the process of transferring JDE’s fleet from ICE vehicles to electric plus add a layer of compliance through their Occupational Road Risk programme.

JDE have set their sights on moving each of their employees over to either an electric vehicle (EV) or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) by the end of the calendar year. With this in mind TMC will work out where EVs can be successfully deployed using their E-feasibility solution, which analyses the trip data and identifies compatible drivers whilst considering the range of the current electric vehicles on the market.

Once implemented, TMC are able to reimburse JDE drivers through the chosen ‘actual cost self-declaration’ method that is available. This is executed using the energy tariff information provided by the driver while also combining any on road charging costs. TMC will provide the auditing on where people are charging to ensure drivers are not frequently charging up at the higher cost charge sites.

TMC’s partnership with HSBC will provide JDE with a fuel and charge card for their drivers that has coverage at 92% of electric charge points in the UK, thus eliminating the need for a ‘pay and reclaim’ process.

Furthermore, TMC’s award-winning mileage capture and audit service will provide accurate recording of business mileage and reduced admin for drivers, whilst also ensuring that JDE remain HMRC compliant by having their employee’s journeys logged and trips checked.

Aside from this, JDE will also be taking on a Visa To Drive package for each of their cash allowance drivers. TMC will assist in certifying that each driver has the appropriate business mileage insurance cover and completes the necessary vehicle safety checks, whilst all drivers will submit a DVLA licence check to cover JDE’s Occupational Road Risk.

John Mayor of JDE said:

“We’re excited to become early adopters of a fully electric or plug in hybrid fleet of cars to offer to our associates.  Not only does it offer a number of environmental advantages, but by working closely with TMC our associates can enjoy additional benefits like reducing costs and admin with the new mileage capture and reimbursement models.  We believe this is a huge step in the right direction and will be the start of bigger changes in this area for JDE.”

JDE are also taking advantage of TMC’s partnership with Octopus Electric Vehicles to launch a Salary Sacrifice Scheme later in the year.