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Fleet Managers – Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2016 Part 1

By 7th January 2016January 2nd, 2024News

Making New Year’s resolutions is a great way to get your year off to the right start. Now the festive season is officially over, maybe it’s time for fleet managers to start making resolutions that will help drive down costs and make for a more efficient fleet in 2016? In this series of posts we are going to present 3 strategies you can implement that will enable you to make savings and improve efficiency.

Resolution one: Why not implement a mileage auditing solution?

Fuel is the 2nd largest expense of any fleet and whilst it seems that the cost is completely out of your control, there is a lot you can do to reduce your spend.

The most cost effective way of reducing fuel spend is to put in place a comprehensive auditing procedure that seeks to ensure that every trip claimed by your drivers is 100% accurate in terms of business / private split, start and end locations and distances driven.

An effective audit should also reconcile fuel card spend against trips and also, where deployed, telematics data.

By implementing a robust auditing procedure you will be able to quickly find inefficiencies within your fuel purchasing process that can be improved.

For example, distances driven can be compared to fuel spend in order to calculate an accurate, real life, pence per mile and MPG for each driver. Drivers with high pence per mile and MPG can be placed onto driver training courses which would alter their driving style, resulting in an overall reduction in fuel consumption.

How TMC can help

On average, TMC reduces fleets fuel spend by an average of 17.2% per year by deploying an award winning fuel management solution.

At the heart of the solution lies a web based mileage capture system, while the optional smart phone app which gives drivers an easy way to log trips.

Smart business logic and intelligent algorithms are used to audit every trip entered into the system which will give you piece of mind that every trip is 100% accurate. If suspect transactions or potential fraud is identified, TMC’s customer service team will call the driver or depot manager direct to investigate and rectify the issue.

The solution will also compare data from a variety of inputs such as fuel card spend, telematics feeds and vehicle information which will give you comprehensive reports across every aspect of your fuel consumption and CO2 output.

Find out more

A mileage auditing solution is a must have for fleet managers that want to drive down fuel costs. TMC is deployed with over 250 blue chip corporates and managing fuel for over 100,000 employees in the UK. To find out more about how it would work with your fleet please give us a call on 01270 525 218 or email us at [email protected].

Next week….

In next week’s post we will show you another strategy that will enable you to cut costs and optimise your fleet’s efficiency. To be notified when its published be sure to follow our Linkedin company page by clicking here.