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Meet Adam.

Adam works for a logistics company and drives an electric company van.

The vehicle is used for business mileage only and Adam mainly charges the van at home, with the occasional use of public charge points using a company supplied EV charge card.

Adam needs to be reimbursed for the cost of charging his vehicle and his company have chosen TMC to handle this.

Here’s how it works for Adam:

Adam has a telematics device fitted to his vehicle which tracks his location data. The van is used for business mileage only. TMC take in the telematics data via an API and load onto Adam’s account, listing the from and to location and trip mileage information for each journey completed.

Home Charging

Adam predominantly charges his vehicle at home using a wallbox charging unit. He confirms his domestic energy tariff information via the TMC mobile app which involves adding details such as the tariff type, start and expiry date and the tariff’s rate to his account before uploading a supporting bill or statement.

Adam has a separate day and night rate on his tariff and therefore provides each rate to TMC. This is a one time process and only needs to be edited if any tariff information changes.

TMC receive the home charging data from the unit via an API which details the date of each charge, the kWh used and at which rate.


Public Charging

Occasionally, Adam needs to charge the vehicle whilst away from home. He uses the ‘EV Charging Near To Me’ option on the TMC app where he can identify a viable charge point either en route to or nearby his destination to best optimise the vehicle battery.

He stops to charge the vehicle battery and pays using the TMC charge card. The card is supplied and paid for by Adam’s employer and can be used at 92% of UK charge points.

TMC receive the public charge data and feed through to Adam’s account to detail the cost per kWh, total cost, charging provider and date or charge.


TMC provide Adam’s employer with a ready-made payroll file each month (or at a frequency determined by them) to reimburse Adam for the cost of his domestic charging. Adam himself receives an energy reimbursement statement from TMC each month to highlight the total home and public charging for the month, alongside the payment he is due to receive.

As the mileage that Adam completes is business only and the public charge card is company supplied, he only needs to be reimbursed for his home charging at cost. The public charging used will still be detailed on the monthly statement.

Audits and Reporting

TMC use the mileage and charge data taken via the API and audit the information on behalf of Adam’s employer. This is to monitor all transactions and instances of public charging. An exception is flagged on Adam’s account because of the expensive cost per kWh at a public charging point used. TMC auditors pick up on this and advise Adam on nearby charge points that are considerably cheaper per kWh and therefore a better alternative to bear in mind in the future.

As well as this, TMC use the telematics data to check that the vehicle being charged is Adam’s van and that there is no fraudulent use (charging and claiming for a second vehicle).


Adam’s fleet manager can review the EV and charging data for all of their electric vehicle drivers, including Adam, via their personalised fleet manager dashboard.

The data can be used to oversee the gradual implementation of electric vehicles within their entire fleet and review instances of charging at home, workplace and public charge points.



TMC make the process so simple for Adam that once he has logged into his account and confirmed his domestic energy information, nothing further is required. The telematics device records and logs the mileage and TMC receive both the home charging and any public charging details via an API.

By having a reliable telematics solution implemented, Adam isn’t wasting time with admin and both he and his company have the peace of mind that all trips are HMRC compliant and checked thoroughly. 

Adam’s company have the online dashboard to give them instant, any-time access to the data they require.

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