Telematics+ is a new TMC product range that helps our customers aggregate, consolidate and manage the wide-ranging data sets available from telematics providers.  Our clients find this service very useful when managing more than one telematics supplier or when moving between providers and are looking for one simple view of all their information.

Our catalogue of APIs allows your data to be seamlessly acquired from your providers and mapped into a common, cleansed and understandable format. This ensures that you can apply your parameters and rules in a consistent way irrespective of the hardware solutions you are using.

The multi-lingual TMC dashboards allow you to filter all your consolidated telematics data to create specific reports, such as the effects driving habits have on fuel consumption, or the number of hours per day spent driving as well as asset utilisation and location views. The software is available in five different languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Telematics+ enables you to use different telematics providers for different driver groups without the headache of multiple systems and reports.  We bring all the data together to give you the big picture.  And of course, you benefit from even greater visibility if TMC also overlay your fuel card, mileage, costs and fleet supply chain data.

If you don’t already have a telematics provider, we can help with that too!  We offer our own telematics solution in partnership with Geotab telematics.

TMC Telematics, powered by GeoTab

We offer two telematics solutions to cater for different driver types.

Company car drivers – Flexible Device with a simple self-install

The first solution is suitable for employees who do private mileage in company vehicles or who use their own vehicle for business and want to be in control of their own data.  TMC provides Geotab’s compact and durable device, which plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBD port. Employees can easily install and remove the device, with no specialist tools or professional installation required. Employees remain in control of their own data and they can delete all the private trips before submitting their claims to TMC or if the employee wishes, they can simply remove the device for their private trips.

Once in place, the device starts recording as soon as the driver begins driving. You’ll get rich, accurate data on trip distances, times and events and much more.

Should drivers forget to include a particular trip within the tracking process or use another vehicle, they can record their business journey through our mileage app (available on iOS, Android and Windows versions) or web portal at a later stage. They can also amend business and private trips manually before they submit their final log (or claim) to the business.

Commercial fleets – hardwired installation

For commercial vehicles and job need-fleet, a hard-wired device is fitted and remains in place to track the vehicle at all times. TMC will arrange the fitment and any subsequent removal/reinstall according to your needs.

Risk and safety scores are assigned to each driver based on a series of factors including seat belt usage, speed, braking, acceleration, after hours usage and degree of corner turn.

These unique driver safety scores allow you to identify areas in which your employees are driving safely, and areas that require improvement.

You can also set up in-vehicle driver feedback and coaching.

The device also reports dangerous driving behaviours, provides instant accident notification and flags any issues with the health of the vehicles – including service requirements and vehicle faults.

Other useful features include:

  • Location of your commercial vehicles in near real-time or you can specify a date range to see where your vehicles have been driven.
  • Route optimisation – Create relevant zones and routes for your fleet and ensure route efficiency by comparing planned versus actual routes taken.
  • Comparison of your drivers’ speeds against speed limits.

As a global telematics provider, Geotab complies with the requirements of privacy legislation in North America (US statutes and Canada PIPEDA) and Europe (GDPR).

Telematics+ gives you visibility over your driver and fleet’s performance. With this information, you can optimise routes and fuel usage and improve driver behaviour and safety. Telematics+ is part of an integrated suite of solutions that reduce fleet costs, improve performance and policy and support the management of road risk.

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