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Risk Assessment and Driver Training

Identifying risk drivers and changing behaviour

TMC can help to provide risk assessments and driver training for your drivers to minimise and reduce risk within your fleet


TMC’s proactive service, powered by Applied Driving, is designed to improve the safety of your employees whilst driving on business. The services include:

  • Driver Risk Assessment: Identifying potential risk within your fleet.
  • Online Driver Training: Modules agreed following the completion of the Driver Risk Assessment.
  • On the Road Training: Following the results of the Driver Risk Assessment and the Online Driver Training.

Risk Assessment

We can undertake risk assessments of anyone who drives on behalf of your business. All drivers need to complete an initial online assessment which covers four main areas of fleet safety:

  1. The Driver: age, licence, physical attributes 
  2. Driver Attitude: speed, laws of the road, phone use
  3. The Journey: length, time, roads used, breaks
  4. The Vehicle: age, condition, engine size

After the initial risk assessment, the below steps will follow:

  1. Report: a report will be produced after 80% completion, which provides an audit for compliance with policy.

  2. Risk Category: drivers will be placed into a risk category which will indicate the level of training required.

  3. Training: targeted training interventions will be enabled, based on the risk category of each driver.

Online Driver Training

Following the risk assessment, the majority of training needs are accommodated by on-line training modules. We have a suite of over 27 e-learning modules, available in over 107 countries, with local video footage and 76 languages. It also works across multiple platforms.

We will categorise by low, medium, and high risk drivers, and they will receive training appropriate for their group:

  • Low Risk Drivers: not required to complete any training
  • Medium Risk Drivers: will likely receive two or three on-line modules appropriate to the risks identified
  • High Risk Drivers: recommended to sit an online Hazard Perception Evaluation test. On completion, the user receives a number of short targeted modules based on their results.

The modules boast interactive elements that encourage drivers to see the real-life practicality of the knowledge being shared.

Many of the online training modules are also available in virtual reality (VR). The immerse experience of VR allows learners to fully engage themselves in the driving experience, providing real-life application that strengthens the learning.

Training can be made either compulsory or optional and the modules can be released periodically to regularly reinforce safety messages. All training is available on multiple devices, including PC, laptop and tablets.

The online training is a suite comprising of 28 e-learning modules in a variety of languages, accessible through Applied Driving’s one digital learning management system by traditional means of laptop and PC but also on-the-go from a tablet or smartphone device. Modules include hazard perception, speed awareness and journey planning.

On the Road Driver Training

In-vehicle training may be an appropriate control measure for very high risk drivers. These individual drivers will be identified flagged during the risk assessment.

The in-vehicle training these drivers will undertake will be unique according to their needs as identified by our assessments. This may vary from driver to driver, and will be constructed so that it focuses on areas that they need to improve in order to become more safe and compliant drivers.

We can also provide bespoke training courses for new employees and specialist driving roles.