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ALD Automotive and The Miles Consultancy (TMC), the UK based Fuel Management, Data and Audit business, are pleased to announce the launch of Global Fleet Inventory (GFI), a comprehensive fleet data reporting solution. Designed for international fleet managers, the new reporting solution consolidates fleet management data from multiple sources, including third-party data, in a secure and confidential manner. The neutral platform generates a consolidated overview of fleet performance data to help clients manage their fleet on a global scale.

GFI is available now for all global clients of the ALD Automotive | Wheels Global Alliance.

Co-developed with international corporate clients, the new inventory solution provides 24/7 access to a personalized dashboard with targeted, high-quality data to monitor global fleets on a monthly basis, from vehicle models and energy/fuel consumption to overall mileage and total cost of ownership, as well as carry out drill-down analysis on a regional, country and contract basis. In addition, specific environmental criteria enable fleet managers to scrutinize CO² output to realign fleet policies with Corporate Social Responsibility requirements and manage their environmental footprint.

These common international key indicators allow fleet managers to obtain a holistic view of their fleet performance, optimize management strategies based on comprehensive data analysis, identify new market opportunities, such as the potential for electrification or the introduction of new mobility alternatives, and support efficient global decision-making.

“When co-designing GFI with our clients and TMC, our goal was to simplify the data consolidation process and facilitate analysis with a truly global approach,” confirms Annie Pin, Chief Commercial Officer at ALD.

“It is imperative that our global clients have a clear and concise overview of how their fleet is performing on an on-going basis wherever they are present and TMC’s expertise allows this to be done neutrally and confidentially for all concerned. GFI will play an integral role in ensuring that our clients are armed with the data they need to achieve operational excellence on a global scale.”

Paul Hollick, Managing Director of The Miles Consultancy, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to jointly announce this initiative with ALD Automotive, using the latest technology to create and deliver the GFI. Now more than ever, visibility of fleet data is fundamental to the successful management of fleets and this product enables operators to see how their fleet is performing across the globe via a single suite of dashboards.

“The information is particularly beneficial for those that wish to develop fleet strategies based on real world information which will deliver both cost saving and carbon reduction programmes, including the full transition to electric vehicles globally.”