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Do you know what’s driving your fleet costs?

Data+ is a key enabler for change as it gives you complete visibility, enabling you to identify and monitor ways to optimise your fleet.

Below are just some of the ways our clients have used Data+:

Data+ Brochure

Data+ is designed to consolidate similar data from multiple sources to provide a single dashboard which can be reviewed and analysed.


Providing a baseline to enable the monitoring and analysis of new strategies, such as road to zero programmes.

To monitor utilisation of vehicles to determine whether more efficient usage and allocation is possible.

To identify employees that are able to move into pure EVs ahead of plan.

Tracking the success of lowering CO2/NOx levels from all employee travel (including grey fleet).

Monitoring the tax and fuel inclusive TCO/WLC trending of the fleet as it moves to a greener future.

To manage requirements of data acquisition, storage and sharing with all partners.

To provide savings at a level contractually agreed.

Trial solutions that facilitate a transition from ownership to usership.

Challenge travel behaviour including commuting patterns and travel.


Data+ can deliver:


Complete control and visibility of your total fleet, including assets that are not company owned


Use the data to set strategies within your business


Significantly reduced costs


Improved CO2 of your fleet


A safer fleet, reduction of accidents

How does it work?

We manage a daily, weekly or monthly import of all fleet-related data and consolidate it into a single dashboard. This may include vehicle data (leasing, accidents, fines and insurance costs), fuel (including electric charging costs), employee and trip data (telematics, expense and app based trip information).  We can take in data in a variety of formats using different acquisition methods (API, SFTP or download).

You can view data at company, cost centre, department, individual level.

Get in touch

We’d love to find out more about your fleet’s needs and future plans and discuss how Data+ can help you realise your strategies. You can contact us on 01270 525 218 or at [email protected].