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Do you have real-time visibility on your fleet?

TMC’s Geotab GO devices can provide you with the visibility you need to reduce your fuel costs and ensure your fleet is running as efficiently as possible.

We understand that sustainability may also be at the top of your agenda and that is why we aim to future proof your fleet by providing extensive EV Suitability Assessments through the data we gather from your GO devices.


Read more about TMC's Geotab GO device solutions.


TMC’s Geotab GO telematics device

Fast GPS acquisition time
Captures rich, second-by-second data
Ultra-accurate engine diagnostics
High-quality recording

Reduced fuel costs

Improved asset utilisation
Reduce miles driven
Reduce unnecessary idling and fuel spend
Reduce speeding

Improve driver safety

Risk & safety reports
In-vehicle, proactive coaching with customised messaging and rules
Reduce accidents and minimise risk
Monitor seat belt use

Lower maintenance costs

Predictive maintenance planning
Detect engine issues in advance
Receive engine diagnostics and alerts
Prioritise repairs
Maintenance scheduling and notifications

Accident detection and notification

Instant notifications, airbag deployment
Detailed second-by-second data
Helps prove no-fault to insurance provider


IOX Technology
Driver ID
Mobile apps
Open data integration with SDK

EV Suitability Assessments

TMC’s Geotab devices are installed to capture essential data including fleet range, driver behaviour and vehicle usage.  We can use this rich data to help you identify where electric vehicles could be deployed in place of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, enabling you to transition to an electric fleet with confidence.

We also look at your infrastructure and ensure your sites have adequate power to charge EVs. Once all the data is collected, we will analyse your fleet and provide a detailed report of which vehicles are ready to transition over to electric.

After you’ve made the switch, we will continue to monitor any ICE vehicles you still have, and let you know when these are ready to move over too.

Get in touch

We’d love to help you find the perfect telematics solution for your fleet. You can contact us on 01270 525 218 or at [email protected].