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Complete visibility of your fleet in real-time

We know safety is top priory for law enforcement and first responders. TMC’s Geotab Go devices are dependable, secure and provide real-time data and views. Our secure and sophisticated fleet management solutions offer the insight, visibility, and actionable alerts needed to transform operations and ensure driver and public safety.


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Key benefits for Emergency Services:


Follow true live fleet movements on an animated map with active tracking


Driver safety scorecard and seat belt detection


Dispatching and route optimisation


High performance GPS technology


Advanced dashboard reports


Monitor lights, siren and doors with IOX-AUX


Open platform for easy data integration


Marketplace apps and add-ons

Why TMC’s Geotab GO devices?

TMC’s Geotab GO telematics device

Fast GPS acquisition time
Captures rich, second-by-second data
Ultra-accurate engine diagnostics
Self-calibrating accelerometer

Cut fuel costs and optimise fleet

Fuel consumption tracking
Reduce speeding and unnecessary idling
Reduce CO2 emissions
Detect engine issues
Minimise wear and tear on vehicles
Predictive maintenance

Boost productivity and control costs

Live tracking of fleet vehicles
Dispatch nearest driver
Fast integrated mapping
Accurate ETAs
Consistent data and reporting across all makes and models

Improve driver safety

Risk & safety reports
Driver feedback
Instant accident notifications
Monitor seat belt use
Set policy rules and alerts
System security
Ensure authorised use


IOX Technology
SDK and APIs
Map and dispatch integration
Asset tracking
Driver ID

EV Suitability Assessments

TMC’s Geotab devices are installed to capture essential data including fleet range, driver behaviour and vehicle usage.  We can use this rich data to help you identify where electric vehicles could be deployed in place of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, enabling you to transition to an electric fleet with confidence.

We also look at your infrastructure and ensure your sites have adequate power to charge EVs. Once all the data is collected, we will analyse your fleet and provide a detailed report of which vehicles are ready to transition over to electric.

After you’ve made the switch, we will continue to monitor any ICE vehicles you still have, and let you know when these are ready to move over too.

Get in touch

We’d love to help you find the perfect telematics solution for your fleet. You can contact us on 01270 525 218 or at [email protected].