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Case Study: Manheim Auctions

As the world’s largest vehicle remarketing organisation, Manheim handle sales of more than eight million vehicles worldwide, as well as running their own sizeable company fleet.

The Brief

Manheim already relied on mileage capture data to manage its fleet but were keen to seek out a new provider who could deliver a leading-edge technological solution that would more effectively meet their needs.

Project objectives:

  • Deter inaccurate claims
  • Improve management information
  • Eliminate reconciliation issues


Manheim initially approached TMC to adopt our award winning Mileage Capture and Audit system. Although not looking for a new fuel card, the Chip and PIN facility of one of our partners fuel expenses card immediately impressed Manheim and they decided to make the switch.

Manheim’s decision to use TMC:

  • Ensured HMRC compliance
  • Provided GPS journey tracking
  • Made it easy for drivers to record trips

Fuel Network

Because TMC has fuel card partners with global Visa acceptance, Manheim was provided the flexibility of accessing a huge network of filling stations in the UK and the rest of the world.

Chip and PIN technology delivers peace of mind by authorising every purchase in real time. And because drivers can only use the card Manheim selected at filling stations it helps put a stop to non-compliant spending and ATM cash withdrawals.

Streamlined Reporting

Before switching to TMC, reports were often incomplete or inaccessible due to system issues and matching invoices was a complicated and time-consuming process.

Manheim have been greatly impressed with the level of data the system provides. Under the new process:

  • Drivers complete mileage returns on the TMC system each month
  • TMC chases up any late reporters
  • TMC sends a detailed trip report and analysis to Manheim’s line managers
  • A salary deduction file goes to the fleet department

It’s a system that’s simple, efficient and saves a lot of time for all drivers, managers and administrators alike.

What Manheim Auctions Said

“As a people-focused organisation, it is important that any solution we introduce is easy to use for our employees. When we looked at the combination of Mileage Audit and the features of the cards they partner with, it was a straightforward decision to go with TMC.”
Wendy Smith – Fleet Administrator, Manheim Auctions