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Case Study – Hexagon

Read how TMC deliver mileage capture & audit and a robust fuel card management system for Hexagon Metrology’s mixed fleet of company car and own car users, whilst also adding a layer of compliance.

Our Solution

Drivers record their business mileage via the mobile app Mileage Track or the online capture system, making sure that logged trips are HMRC compliant by noting to and from postcodes, trip mileage and a purpose for the journey.

At the end of the month, fuel card users are required to also submit their end odometer reading and close the period so that their private mileage for the month can be calculated.

TMC take feeds from Hexagon’s fuel card provider and manage the whole end-to-end process from card ordering to pin reminders and other card related queries. The fuel cards are linked to the employee’s TMC account so that spend is automatically loaded whenever the card is used to fill up or purchase subsidiary items such as oil and screen wash.

Drivers can categorise the spend if it is non-fuel and can view the amount of litres purchased and total cost.


TMC’s team of experts run monthly reports and audits on the logged trips and fuel card spend to ensure claims are accurate and compliant. When there is a discrepancy, the team will follow up with the driver directly ahead of the payroll date to try and resolve the query.

The trip audits include checking for mileage variance against calculated distances, trip purpose clarification and resolving duplicate/ incorrect entries.


TMC produce a bespoke payroll file for Hexagon to use to reimburse their employees for business mileage or deduct their private portion of fuel.

Due to a split population of company car and cash allowance/own car drivers there are different reimbursement and deduction methods, but TMC accommodate this and apply the relevant method based on the driver profile.


In the last year, Hexagon also took on a Compliance + suite through TMC as they looked towards prioritising meeting their duty of care requirements. All drivers submit a DVLA license check to confirm that they are legally allowed to drive for the business and this is all done digitally through the mobile app or the online system. The e consent form is verified via the DVLA server and TMC manage the process to ensure employees with incomplete checks are chased.

As well as this, own car users complete some tasks as part of a Visa to Drive suite that TMC provide. This includes motor insurance documentation checks, MOT and tax checks and vehicle safety checks. TMC’s Specialist Products team review the documentation that driver submits to verify and confirm they have the appropriate cover for business use of the vehicle, whilst the drivers themselves complete vehicle safety checks via the mobile app ‘Mileage Track’ to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and safe to drive.

They can make comments and declare a particular check okay or defective, whilst Hexagon have sight of all this real-time via the fleet manager dashboard reporting tool.


“We have now been working with TMC for several years and on the strength of the past history, we will be using TMC for many more”.

“In the early days we started using only mileage capture for a small fleet, but as time has gone on, we have added on more products and added more subsidiaries into the fold.

“For me, TMC’s obvious strength is using technology in a smart way to simplify running a business fleet, however the real game-changer for us is the way our account is managed and the responsive customer service we receive from our account manager.

“In particular, making things easy for us, especially when supporting change into our business and helping to steer us through technology shifts (e.g. electrification). Ultimately, we feel very looked after and the value offered by TMC far outweighs the cost.”

Ollie Campbell, Finance Director