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Case Study: Geberit

Geberit UK are part of the Swiss multinational Geberit Group that specialises in the manufacturing and supply of sanitary parts and related systems. Geberit UK employ 200 people and undertake the supply of the sanitary systems to the UK and Irish markets.

The Brief

Geberit had clear set of objectives that they tasked TMC with. These were:

  • Optimise fuel management and harmonise fleet
  • Provide visibility and control.
  • Ensure HMRC compliance
  • Improve employee experience
  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Increase ease of transactions
  • Improve fuel card coverage
  • Enhance reconciliation process
  • Ensure accuracy of business/private mileage split

Our Solution

We knew that we could hit each of Geberit’s objectives by using two of our services: Mileage+ and Fuel+.

Fuel+, in partnership with HSBC, gave Geberit access to 98% of UK fuel outlets, vastly improving their fuel card coverage. After previously using multiple fuel cards, moving over to a single card increased Geberit’s ease of transaction, optimised their fuel management and harmonised their fleet.

TMC’s Mileage+ provided visibility, control and cost savings for Geberit. This service gave their drivers access to our industry leading app, which uses GPS to track journeys and load them directly into the mileage capture system. With no need to connect to a PC, and with the ability to upload fuel receipts by taking a photo through the device’s camera, logging mileage and fuel transactions couldn’t be easier for the drivers.

We consistently audit each journey to ensure accuracy and our friendly customer service team follow up any discrepancies with the driver to find out more. This has helped reduce fraudulent journeys, reduced costs and ensured Geberit’s HMRC compliance.


  • Reduced costs by generating an increase on private fuel recovery in just 3 months
  • Reduced administration times
  • Improved employee experience and ease of use

What They Said

“We are delighted that after just 3 months with TMC they have met so many of our key objectives. We have found the increase in coverage we’ve received via our new HSBC fuel card really suits the needs of our business, and overall the deployment of our TMC services were smooth and straightforward.

“TMC have given us visibility that we simply didn’t have before, and our drivers’ use of the app has led to a substantial reduction in the administration requirements of our team. We are excited to see the difference the next 3 months can make.”