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Case Study: Highways England

Highways England operate, maintain and improve England’s motorways and major A roads.  With a fleet of 598, predominately made up of cars, Highways England have been working with TMC since January 2015.

Read here how TMC have helped Highways England manage their mileage and fuel cards to improve visibility and reduce costs and carbon.


Highways England appointed TMC in January 2015 to manage their mileage and fuel card usage and improve visibility over their fleet, reduce costs and carbon.

Our Solution

TMC take feeds from Highways England’s telematics and fuel card providers and overlay the mileage and fuel card data.  To remove the need for drivers to text odometer readings each month, TMC will use Highways England’s vehicle tracking data to enable the business/private split to be ascertained.

To ensure fuel cards are being used correctly, we audit the fuel transaction data to identify red flags such as overfills (when the number of litres purchased exceeds the tank capacity), multiple fills and small fills.  The audit also highlights expensive motorway fuel spend.

Where an anomaly is identified, Highways England is notified.  Knowing that fuel usage is monitored encourages driver efficiency.

A monthly credit limit report is produced and sent in week three to alert Highways England of any vehicles approaching credit limits.

We then provide Highways England with a payroll report so they can deduct private mileage and ensure the correct amount of private fuel is being reimbursed back to the company.


Highways England split their fleet into 18 geographical areas across the UK.  We provide individual dashboards for each area to enable full visibility of the business mileage and fuel spend in each area.  The dashboards also include transactional data for their fuel cards as well as mileage, compliance and our audits.

The regional reporting has increased visibility and reduced admin as the vehicles are all allocated to their respective areas.

Highways England have a fleet of hybrid vehicles across all geographical regions and one electric vehicle.  TMC have analysed Highway England’s journeys to identify where further electric vehicles could be successfully deployed, based on the journeys drivers have made over the period of a year.