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Case Study – Hays

Leading global specialist recruitment group Hays use TMC’s mileage capture and audit service, Mileage+ and driving licence checks for its 1350 vehicles that include company cars, pool cars, cash allowance and casual users.

Our Solution

Drivers record their business journeys using TMC’s industry leading app, Mileage Track or via their online system, designed to ensure drivers can make a mileage claim in less than 30 seconds.

Every business journey is checked by TMC’s team of auditors and if any abnormalities are spotted, TMC follow up directly with the driver.

Drivers provide their odometer reading at the end of each month to enable their private/business mileage split to be calculated.  At the end of each month, TMC provide a payroll file for business mileage reimbursement for pay and reclaim drivers and private mileage deductions for fuel card users.

TMC report on Hays’ fleet’s performance via an online dashboard that shows how their fleet, and drivers, are performing including pence per mile data, fuel consumption and CO2 reports.  This enables the business to monitor the efficiency of it’s fleet and drivers and identify any poor performing vehicles/driver training requirements.


Drivers can also use the app to facilitate driving licence checks in seconds using the phone’s camera and OCR technology.  Or they can do this online via TMC’s system.

Ben Hutchins from Hays said:

“Hays have a long-standing relationship with TMC and their expertise in both business mileage and data management is vital for our company car fleet processes to run smoothly. TMC are fully ingrained with Hays to ensure all aspects of reimbursements, fuel spend, fines and private user contributions/ trade downs arrive in a simple format that helps drive efficiencies in our finance and payroll departments.”