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Case Study

The customer is a global leader in commercialisation services for the healthcare industry, with more than 7,000 employees across 25 countries.

The case study demonstrates how we can reduce costs and increase compliance.

The Brief

Prior to using Fuel+, the customer used a national fuel card supplier with the hope of providing detailed mileage reporting for payroll calculations and fuel usage analysis.

When it came to processing employee payrolls the reliability of the data was lacking and as such, it was taking a significant amount of time to cleanse the data and calculate how much private fuel needed to be reimbursed to the drivers. The lack of good quality data also prevented the customer from being able to identify areas for potential savings.

The customer needed a fuel card without transaction fees that’s accepted by the majority of fuel retailers, so drivers do not have to deviate from their routes to refuel. In addition, they needed a mileage capture system that provided the full spectrum of fuel management solutions, including streamlined processing of payroll data for private fuel reimbursement.

Our Solution

TMC identified that their solution to the customer’s company car fleet would include Mileage Capture & Audit, Fuel+ and VAT iQ products.

The customer’s fuel card requirement was met by Fuel+, giving access to over 98% of UK fuel outlets. The card delivered cost savings for the customer from day one through the removal of transaction fees. TMC’s Mileage Capture and Audit service gave drivers the tools to accurately capture trips, and it provided detailed reporting around mileage and fuel usage.

Through a mix of mobility expertise, technology and big data analytics, TMC combines a number of features previously handled separately, into a fully-fledged fuel management solution:

  • Providing an easy to use online mileage capture platform and GPS smartphone app to log trips
  • Automatic reconciliation of fuel card spend against trips
  • Intelligent algorithms to spot discrepancies in reported mileage
  • A “Micro Audit” which compares fuel fills to vehicle tank capacity and miles driven, flagging anomalies and drivers with high pence per mile/ low MPG figures
  • Outbound calls to drivers to investigate any anomalies in claimed mileage / anomalous fuel transactions
  • Month end payroll files for private fuel reimbursement
  • Reporting on MPGs, pence-per-mile costs and
  • C02 emissions for ESOS requirements

In addition, the VAT iQ product determines the best method for the business to recover VAT on business fuel when using a fuel card. Including:

  • The maintenance and storage of fleet vehicle details, fuel type and CO2 data
  • A quarterly comparison and analysis report to identify the amount of VAT recoverable using both the scale charge and actual business mileage
  • An output report is produced to support the optimal recovery of VAT on fuel

TMC also provide reports for employees across Europe to make their tax returns and claims easy to handle.

For this client, VATiQ is used in conjunction with TMC’s Mileage+ and Fuel Management solution.


  • Reduction in costs to the business by using TMC’s service of almost £100,000 / 7.6% of their yearly fuel bill.
  • The fleet team are no longer tied up with the huge administration burden associated with manually collating/auditing the data
  • Increase in driver compliance
  • Increasing the network coverage available to them, while ensuring low-cost fuel purchasing
  • Driver feedback to the business was that the process was quick and easier than their old system
  • Increase in the amount of VAT recovered