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Case Study

The customer is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.

The case study shows how we helped a company successfully move away from free fuel.

The Brief

With a fleet of fully expensed drivers, the customer approached TMC to manage the transition away from fully expensed fuel to reduce their overall fuel costs and minimise the tax liability for company car drivers.

Our Solution

Through FueliQ, TMC worked with the customer to come up with a policy and process to move away from ‘free private fuel’, substantially reducing their costs whilst ensuring no one is out of pocket. This saved an average of £2,702 per year per fully expensed driver.

By providing drivers with the tools such as our mobile app to accurately capture business journeys, and through the collection of monthly odometer readings, TMC worked out the business and private split.

Through analysing this data, TMC ascertained which employees would be better off without ‘free fuel’ and provided individual statements and explanations to demonstrate this. Understanding what may feel like quite a big change for drivers, TMC liaised with the employees to explain the solution, put minds at ease and answered any questions directly.

For those who genuinely benefited from ‘free fuel’, we worked out the most efficient way of providing them with this benefit, whilst helping to reduce costs. And for those who may take a financial hit by doing so, TMC created a scheme for these drivers using the funds saved, to ensure they were, at worst, financially neutral. We provided an individual statement and explanation to each driver to show their current tax liabilities, what it would cost them to fund their own private mileage and the potential savings they would make by transitioning over.

TMC now provide the customer with a monthly payroll file highlighting any private mileage deductions to apply to drivers, and TMC’s audit process ensures that claimed mileage and fuel data is fully accurate, eliminating the administration burden associated with manually producing reports, chasing drivers for missing information and bringing all of the data together
via an online dashboard.


  • Savings of £2,702 per driver per annum
  • The fleet team are no longer tied up with the administration
  • Happy, better off drivers
  • True visibility and control of fleet
  • Insight into what is driving higher fuel costs (poor driving behaviour, expensive refuelling etc) and ongoing support and advice on how to reduce costs/ improve efficiency