Case Study

The Miles Consultancy (TMC) delivers visibility, control and cost savings across fleets by consolidating, analysing and auditing mileage, fuel and fleet data.

TMC’s award-winning services typically save our customers 15.4% off their fuel spend.

Their services cover company cars, LCVs, cash allowance and grey fleet drivers, with or without fuel cards.

TMC works with over 300 blue chip companies, providing services to over 130,000 users in 44 countries.

This case study discusses a company’s quest to find a single solution for mileage capture and reduce admin times.

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The Customer

The customer is a worldwide Christian church and registered charity, which has been fighting against social inequality and transforming lives for over 150 years.

The Brief

With a mixture of company car, cash allowance and pool cars, the customer needed a single solution for the capture, audit and processing of mileage, fuel and driver data. They wanted to move away from a paper-based solution, to a more robust online solution.

TMC provides our solution to the customer’s company car, cash allowance and pool car fleet in the UK. This includes mileage capture, audit & fuel management.

Our Solution

TMC rolled out our Mileage Capture and Audit solution, providing drivers with the tools, such as our Mobile App, to accurately capture business journey information.

By accurately recording and auditing their employees’ business mileage and fuel expenditure, we have reduced the customer’s fuel bills.

Drivers log their mileage via our easy to use system or app. We then audit each journey to ensure accuracy and follow up any discrepancies with the driver to find out more. We pull through the fuel transactions and overlay this data with their mileage information to provide an even greater level of audit.

  • TMC provided drivers with:
  • An easy to use system and an app that uses GPS to track journeys
  • Reminders when mileage claims are due – so they don’t miss out on mileage claims
  • UK based user helpline offering drivers support
  • We can also help with fuel cards, grey fleet compliance, general expense management and tax efficiencies around fuel.


TMC provide the customer with a range of management reports each month that has been used to steer the customer’s fleet strategy. The customer can now see which vehicles are performing best (and identify those that aren’t living up to expectations) so it can make informed decisions on vehicle choice lists. This also helped identify where they could potentially deploy ultra low emission vehicles/Hybrids.

Presented via an online dashboard, the customer has a range of reporting on driver performance, filling habits and what is driving higher fuel costs.

TMC provide a host of bespoke monthly reports to ensure line managers have the data they need on their drivers, in addition to providing a monthly payroll file for private mileage deduction/business mileage reimbursements.

TMC’s Customer Service team handle any driver queries, leaving the customer to focus on business-critical matters.


  • Reduction in costs to the business by using TMC’s service.
  • The Fleet Team are no longer tied up with the administration, saving them time.
  • Driver feedback to the business was that the process was quick and easier than their old system.
  • True visibility and control of their fleet.