Mobility iQ

Enabling companies to manage all business-related travel costs via a single dashboard

Mobility iQ

Mobility iQ consolidates all sources of mobility data to ensure you are getting a complete 360-degree picture of your mobility spend. This includes:

  • Vehicle Leasing Costs
  • SMR
  • Accident Costs
  • Fuel, EV Charge and Hire Cars
  • Trains and Flights
  • Accommodation and Meals
  • Car Parking, Tolls and Fines
Mobility iQ takes direct data feeds from all suppliers involved in business travel, so this could include:


  • Leasing companies
  • Fuel card and telematics providers
  • Accident management providers
  • Payroll data and expenses systems
  • Mileage data from TMC’s system.

All this data is consolidated in an easy to view dashboard, which will allow you to truly understand your mobility costs.

What can I use this information for?

Mobility iQ brings all your business travel data together, to enable you to truly understand your mobility costs. It provides outputs to reduce cost, improve policy and reduce carbon emissions.
Key functionality includes:

  • Ability to set national budgets per employee, per cost centre, per market
  • Employee dashboards to enable employees to keep track of their spend and stay within any specified mobility budget
  • The system can make recommendations for optimising mobility at both company and individual level, based on employee travel patterns.

TMC can also provide an expense management platform where employees can record claims and upload receipts at their desk or via TMC’s multi-platform smartphone app. To find out more about this, please visit here.