What is Transition+?

Transition+ consolidates similar data from multiple sources into a single dashboard.

Transition+ simplifies the management of multiple suppliers, by consolidating invoices, payroll files, and data from your whole fleet supply chain. Our clients find this service very useful for when they are:

  • Managing legacy fleets
  • Moving between different providers

Transitioning to New Suppliers

When transitioning to new suppliers, our team can piece together data from any legacy partner(s) and combine this with your new partner(s)’ data for total consolidation and visibility for:

  • Fuel
  • Fleet & Leasing
  • Telematics

To simplify the management of multiple suppliers, we can consolidate invoices, payroll files and data from your whole fleet supply chain. The service currently includes:

  • Invoice validation and consolidation
  • Payroll reporting and consolidation
  • Bench marking
  • Payment Authorisation
  • TCO reporting
  • Inventory database

Additional services can be added, depending on your requirements

Not only is Transition+ beneficial for fleets, it is also a service leasing companies can use to make the onboarding of a new client as seamless as possible.

Transition+ removes the heavy administrative workload of managing multiple suppliers and provides clear, detailed analysis that can be used to steer your fleet strategy.

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