TMC Integration with SAP Concur

TMC delivers local market compliance and control along with significant cost savings across your fleet by consolidating, analysing and auditing your business mileage and fuel card data.

With this partnership, TMC systems integrate seamlessly into Concur. Each employee’s data is viewed in both Concur and TMC systems, ready for the Line Manager to approve and Concur to then process the payment.

SAP Concur Brochure

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Our award-winning services also reduce internal administration and support your employees.

Employees simply log their business mileage claims via our easy to use app.

We check each and every trip, ensuring compliance with every local market’s taxation requirements and your own global polices. We can also speak to the employee directly if anything looks strange. Or if you prefer, we can report on potentially non-compliant transactions for internal follow up.

Once checked and agreed, we send an expense file automatically into SAP Concur, straight into the employees’ claim file for Line Manager approval.

With our reporting suite, you receive actionable business intelligence, audited mileage and seamless integration with SAP Concur.

How you benefit

  • Reduced costs: we save our clients an average of  15.4% off their fuel expense bills by ensuring that only audited business mileage is reimbursed and fuel cards are managed and controlled properly. This includes deductions for private journeys paid for using a company fuel card.
  • Increased visibility: our reporting tools provide robust information to help you optimise your global fleet strategy.
  • Less administration: employees can log their journeys automatically whilst on the move through our easy to use mobile app.
  • Tax compliance: our systems are designed to comply with all local market tax legislations, minimizing the impact of local market tax inspections and unexpected tax liabilities.
  • All employees, one solution: our products can cover every employee travelling on a business trip in any vehicle. Whether employees have a company fuel card or not, are company car drivers, cash allowance takers, occasional business drivers, commercial vehicle drivers or even electric vehicle drivers, the TMC systems are designed for all. TMC provide one solution for your entire employee base across all your global markets.

How it works

  1. We create an employee account in the TMC system.
  2. Employees confirm the details and add any additional details, i.e. exact details of the vehicle they are driving.
  3. Employees capture their trips automatically on our innovative TMC Journey Tracking App. The App starts tracking each trip when the driver’s mobile phone is paired to the car’s Bluetooth. Drivers only need to indicate which trips are business related; TMC immediately erase all details of any personal trips.
  4. At the end of each month, employees submit their monthly business trips via the TMC App, along with their closing odometer reading.
  5. TMC audit each trip, checking each and every expense entry, reducing your administration time, while you benefit from accurate claims that are in line with your policies and local market legislation. Depending on the market, we can also speak to the employee if anything looks out of place.
  6. Leveraging API integration with SAP Concur, TMC automatically submits an expense report for approval in SAP Concur on the employee’s behalf.
  7. For clients with email notifications set in SAP Concur, managers will be automatically notified that reports have been submitted and are ready for approval.

Actionable Management Information

In addition to seamless SAP Concur integration, you will receive access to our online dashboard that provides actionable management information across your entire employee base. The dashboard enables you to see both the high-level picture as well as how your fleet is performing at a market/regional/departmental/individual level.

We also offer a number of unique services to our Concur clients, including Fuel+ and Compliance+:


Fuel+ from TMC is a unique fuel management service that can help you source the best fuel card for your fleet and save you money on your fuel costs.


Find out how TMC offers a full suite of services to improve your employees’ safety and to reduce their road risk whilst driving on business.