Complete End To End Mileage and Fuel Management

Companies typically pay 12p to 18p per mile for fuel, and up to 45p to private car users, so the simplest way to reduce mileage bills is to minimise unnecessary payments. We provide a complete end to end service for recording and managing your fleet’s mileage.

Our award winning service combines technology to log mileage, algorithms to spot discrepancies and customer service to pro-actively manage your fuel spend resulting in overall reductions in spend. Our consolidated and line-item detail reports make it easy to reclaim VAT and analyse your fleet’s activity.

Our mileage audit and expense systems give you a complete, accurate and transparent picture of what’s driving your company’s CO2 emissions and overall cost of mobility. This valuable knowledge allows you to plan moves to cut fuel consumption, limit CO2 emissions and optimise business mobility across your organisation.

Pro-Active Customer Support

We do more than simply produce mileage audit reports. Our customer service team are integral to our services. It’s our job to pro-actively contact drivers if they haven’t recorded their mileage or if there is any discrepancies, which helps to deter them from exaggerating distance driven, fuel consumption or fuel prices in order to over claim mileage expenses.

Our tactful approach is the best way to change driver behaviour when it comes to ensuring compliance with mileage reporting.

Powerful mobility purchasing card

We provide more than just fuel management services. Our partnership with a leading corporate card provider means we can offer fleets an award winning fuel card solution called Fuel+. Our fuel card is underpinned by visa global acceptance which means we won’t be beaten on fuel network coverage by any other fuel card provider. Furthermore the card comes with the latest fraud and security measures via Chip and PIN.

Expert Assistance with HMRC Compliance

Managing fuel spend, VAT and benefits in line with HMRC requirements can be a costly and difficult administration process. Our solution removes all the hard work as we do it all for you.

The solution is flexible enough to deal with the tax, Benefit-in-Kind and National Insurance implications of different payment structures, including fuel reimbursement and private fuel deduction. It works equally well for company vehicle, cash allowance and grey fleet drivers.