Driving Licence Checking

Visa to Drive handles the entire end-to-end process of checking driving licences. Replacing cumbersome paper based administration, Visa to Drive makes use of a highly secure web based portal and an instant licence check to verify individuals’ driving licence details, directly from the DVLA.

All for just £2.50 per check, with no added fees.

Here’s how it works:


You provide us with the details of every driver that requires a driving licence check.


All drivers will be asked to complete the DVLA Declaration online that requests their consent for the driving licence check and requests their full name, address, date of birth and driving licence number. This consent is valid until the employee ceases to drive in connection with the company, or in any case, three years after the date of their consent.  Employees can also withdraw their consent at any time.


Any failure to complete the declaration is reported back to you.  Mileage capture users will not be able to make mileage claims until they have consented to the licence check, adding a further incentive.


All signed mandates are verified by the DVLA which are then valid for 3 years.


The DVLA licence check takes seconds to return once the driver completes the declaration.


Once an initial round of checks have been completed, we can manage the frequency of future checks based on the number of endorsements each driver has, helping to minimise your exposure to risk and ensure that every driver is licenced to drive at all times.

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