Risk associated with driving is often looked at in silos – licences are checked, telematics systems are installed, end of contract wear and tear charges are passed on and policies are written and circulated. And although all of these things are necessary and important, essential in fact, is anyone putting all these things together to look at the bigger picture?

Viewing these things in isolation means things could slip through the net.  It’s only by putting all the pieces of the puzzle together that you can see the true picture.

TMC take a positive and preventative approach to risk.

Our proactive service is all about improving safety and reducing costs.

We do this by aggregating and interrogating all of your driver data to gain a complete view of driver behaviour.

We can take feeds from your telematics, fuel card and insurance providers and overlay it with feeds from your leasing company(s) data, mileage and duty of care data to create a 360-degree view of each driver.

From your telematics data we can identify dangerous driving styles and highlight drivers doing lots of trips between 2pm and 4pm – an incident hot spot. Or flag drivers doing lots of short journeys.

We can take insurance data to see who has made claims.

Data from your leasing company enables us to identify who has had significant wear and tear on their company vehicles and who has received fines.

We can overlay all of this with mileage and driving licence points to identify any high-risk drivers and act to prevent incidents.

Our expert auditors are also on hand to collate and verify your employees’ documentation; including driving licence checks and for grey fleet drivers, insurance, MOT and vehicle safety checks.

We will contact drivers directly where we spot any risks or behaviour that needs addressing. We will discuss how they can make changes to improve their safety/driving style.

You’ll receive in-depth management information, giving you total visibility. You will also have a complete record of all the checks that have been made.

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