Many companies look at the risk associated with driving in silos, whereas TMC puts all elements of risk together to allow fleet managers to view data through a bigger, more holistic lens.

What is Compliance+?

Our product, Compliance+, is a proactive service that improves safety and reduces costs. We do this by aggregating and interrogating your fleet data to gain a complete view of driver behaviour.

It is a Risk product, but data based, to show an indepth view of each and every employee regardless of what type of vehicle they drive – from HGV/ LGV, through to company cars, cash allowance and grey fleet. Our programme deals with one and all.

How does it work?

For you, we will take multiple data points (feeds). Theses are from telematics, fuel card and insurance providers, as well as leasing company(s) data, mileage and duty of care data, and use this information to create a 360-degree view of each and every driver.

Our employee App also collects data on harsh braking, accelerating, swerving and speeding events, along with a distraction factor based on handset use while driving, and consolidates this into the datasets.

We couple this data with our traditional programme called Visa to Drive which is an employee self serve tool that uses TMC’s App based software, along with our team of expert auditors to collect, collate and verify employee documentation to fulfil your duty of care obligations.

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Compliance+ Brochure

Our product, Compliance+, is a proactive service that improves your fleet's safety and reduces costs.