Auditing vehicle rentals to minimise rental days and cost.

Do your drivers use rental vehicles?

Do you have a way of capturing their mileage and checking rental days are minimised?

Rental+ Brochure

Our Rental+ service ensures rental vehicle hire days are minimised.


Rental audit

TMC can audit your vehicle rental usage and mileage to give you visibility and reduce costs.

Our service:

  • Checks the length of the rental to prevent excessive rental days – no hiring on a Friday for a Monday trip
  • Audits the business trip to check mileage
  • Provides a quick, easy reimbursement method for business mileage
  • Collates all the information and reports back via our interactive online dashboard

How it works

We receive data from rental company – including vehicle hired, cost, dates
and mileage

Drivers record business journey using our app, or online system

We check rental days against the business trips

Drivers record business journey using our app, or online system

If we spot anything that requires explanation, our friendly customer services team will contact the driver directly to get more information

We provide a payroll file for the driver to claim any out of pocket fuel costs

For fuel card users/bearer cards, we provide a payroll file to enable the deduction of any private mileage

We collate all the information and report back via our interactive online dashboards to give you greater visibility

We provide cost and carbon data

How your business benefits from Rental+

  • Minimises rental and fuel costs
  • Reduces administration times
  • Deters excessive private use
  • Increases visibility
  • Improves compliance